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The laundry list of reasons Berkeley Hall wanted to partner with the Players Amateur could go on forever, but every entry points back to a simple fact: It's great golf.

"Obviously holding a world-class golf event was something that was very attractive," said Bob Ring, Berkeley Hall's director of marketing and membership services. "Here you had an opportunity to host the highest-ranked amateur golfers in the world. It gave Berkeley Hall an opportunity to give back to golf and help these guys as they try to achieve their professional aspirations."


Devin-Taylor-mugDevin Taylor is a physical marvel.

The Beaufort native stands 6-foot-7. He weighs 266 pounds. His total wingspan is 87 inches and his vertical jump is 35 inches. He can run 40 yards in 4.72 seconds.

Sportswriters have a term for this type of rare athlete – they call them freaks. In fact, CBS Sports ranked Taylor No. 2 on its “Freak List: The 10 craziest athletes in college football” last year.
When the Detroit Lions saw Taylor was still available, they selected him with the 132nd pick of the 2013 NFL Draft.

memorial-6291After playing a round of golf at Long Cove Club, Tony Kull would often swing by “the clubhouse” to grab a drink, watch golf and socialize with friends.
He didn’t go to the official clubhouse on 44 Long Cove Drive, though. He went to Jim Ferguson’s house, located just off the 14th fairway.

bloody-pointPatrick Ford’s admirable and absurd quest to save Bloody Point Golf Course was documented by ESPN’s Outside the Lines two years ago.
The financial meltdowns, the voodoo curses, the never-ending fight against nature — all the gritty details of his struggle were laid out in a stunning 8,000-word account titled “Staying the Course.”

Author Wright Thompson introduced Ford as a lovable, hard-working golf professional holding on against all odds at doomed Daufuskie Island Resort & Breathe Spa.

The resort went bankrupt. The loan to continue operations until a new buyer stepped in ran out. Salaries were cut. The power was turned off. The phone stopped working. Leased equipment started breaking down. There was no money to buy pesticide or fertilizer for the fading course.


Ivan Lendl, world-famous tennis pro and eight-time Grand Slam winner, is now giving back with his International Junior Tennis Academy through a program “offering a select number of scholarships to exceptional juniors with passion, a strong work ethic and the attitude to make them successful in competition and in life,” according to the IJTA.

Lendl recently invited semi-finalists for the scholarships to an open house at Port Royal Racquet Club for a personal evaluation.

Above, IJTA staff including Director of Instruction David Lewis (far left with clipboard), Lendl (center) and Junior Sports Corporation CEO Peter Orrell (right) , evaluate a student’s overhead shot. The prospective students each undertook evaluations of their physical condition, tennis ability and even their mental approach to the game.

Learn more about the academy at www.lendltennis.com.


Whether you’re bicycling for family time, exercise or simply to take in the local ?scenery, Hilton Head Island offers no shortage of routes, paths and options.

The island boasts more than 50 miles of public bicycle paths, and the private communities contain many more (Sea Pines alone has 15 for your pedaling needs). The beach is rarely more than a few miles away, and at low tide offers so much space that you can feel like the place is yours alone. For these reasons and countless more (amenable weather, abundant sunshine) you can see why Hilton Head Island has carved out a reputation as an unofficial bikers’ mecca.

But these days, it’s a little more official.

There are a great many reasons no one wants me on a golf course. One of them is that I look ridiculous in purple.There are a great many reasons no one wants me on a golf course. One of them is that I look ridiculous in purple.

I should start by saying that with apologies to both my mom and Jim Furyk, I’ve never really been into golf. This is for one extremely simple, profound reason: I am terrible at golf. I am terrible at it in grave, hideous fashion. I am terrible at it in ways that make it so you can actually watch my 7-year-old lose respect for me in real time, in ways that should be sung about by Tom Waits, in ways that if our culture somehow celebrated the appearance of playing golf as though you’re being repeatedly jabbed in the brain with an electric toothbrush, I would be totally winning.