Carolina Dance Collective Dance Centre

Story by Barry Kaufman | Photos by Ritterbeck Photography

Dance is far more than just movement. It’s an artform, an expression of the soul as meaningful as any painting but crafted with the entire body. It’s also a science, an ever-evolving set of techniques and details that can and must be mastered for the true art to shine through. 

Few understand this balance like Tess Luechtefeld, owner of Carolina Collective. 

“Our biggest focus is on training,” she said. 

To that end, she, her students, and her staff of 10 are fixtures at some of the industry’s top competitions and conventions. The training at all levels never stops. 

“We want to expose them to what’s current in the industry, then bring it back here.”

The key difference with Carolina Collective is the sheer variety of methodologies; whether that means dancing on Broadway, a professional ballet career, for competition or on the sidelines at a football game, Luechtefeld has assembled a team of supremely qualified instructors in nearly every discipline. 

“All of our teachers have an extensive resume in their field, so we really get a melting pot of different training.” 

That melting pot reaches through technique and into the hearts of students as well. As Carolina Collective strives for excellence, it does so as a family. They walk arm in arm under the sparkling chandeliers, they practice walking into their future greatness surrounded by those who’ve loved, cheered, and inspired them to be the very best versions of themselves.

“This is a journey,” she said. “Dance lessons are life lessons, and we are here to create an atmosphere they can develop their hearts and character.”

4371 Bluffton Parkway Unit 104, Bluffton, SC |  843-290-3955 |