Bluffton Acrobat, Art Dealer Wins Pistol Shooting Contest

Janet SwahnBluffton resident Janet Swahan has a diverse background and continues to redefine herself. In her 20s, she was an acrobat and dancer who traveled with a production show for more than five years, performing in London, Singapore, Indonesia, Korea and the Bahamas. In her late 20s, she began an interior design business and opened fine-art galleries in four cities. Today, her passion is the sport of target shooting, in which she has become an expert.

Swahan recently attended advanced pistol training in Las Vegas and finished first in a class of 140 trained pistol shooters. Only 13 women and 127 men qualified for the rigorous 40 hours of training in the desert. Swahan is a South Carolina Law Enforcement Division and National Certified Concealed Weapons Permit instructor and firearms trainer.