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At the heart of what has made Coligny Plaza such an island institution for 65 years lies one word: Community.

It was here that residents of the island gathered when the Forest Beach Market served as the island’s first supermarket. And when the island’s first post office and first pharmacy opened, its reputation as Hilton Head’s downtown was born. That reputation only grew over the ensuing decades, transforming it from a handful of shops to a thriving blend of retailers and restaurants.



By now you’ve no doubt experienced Nunzio Restaurant + Bar, the New Orleans road hotspot that pairs truly authentic Italian dishes with surroundings of sheer architectural inspiration.



It’s a brand-new day for Hilton Head Island’s boaters, and few know that as well as Grant Kaple and Kuy Scott. As general manager for Hilton Head Boathouse since 2008, Kaple has overseen a slew of expansions over the years. As project manager for Palmetto Bay Marina, Scott has spearheaded a complete reinvigoration of the property following the devastation of Hurricane Matthew.



Like many of us, Bruce Zaidman decided over a game of golf that the Lowcountry was the right place for him. As a principal of American Wood Reface, he’d been focused on the Charlotte market but was mulling expansion options when a friend suggested over a round of golf that Zaidman set up shop in Sheridan Park.



Throughout these pages, you’ll find Leading Men of every type of business, from doctors and dentists to realtors and craftsman. Each of them is a captain of their own industry and a titan in their own business. John O’Toole is a little different. His business is… well, business. And business is good.



Since 1976, Phil Schembra has embodied Hilton Head Island real estate, building upon his successes at each turn with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and a natural savviness when it comes to reading the real estate market’s tea leaves.



For more than 21 years, Devlin Levin has seen the staffing industry at nearly every level you can imagine. He has helped grow recruiting firms into multi-million-dollar titans in their field in that time and connected countless businesses with their next great hire. So, when he was ready to take the next logical leap and own his own company, he found himself intrigued by the franchise model offered by Express Pros.



Toward the back of Just Cushions, within the stunning new furniture showroom marking the Hilton Head Furniture Co., you’ll find one item that is conspicuously out of place. Arrayed throughout, the furniture on display reflects the elegance and style of contemporary Lowcountry design. It’s a delightfully refined modern motif, which makes the antique sewing machine on the back wall stand out even more.


For more than 38 years, the Reilley’s Mortgage Network Match Play Championship has been a force for positive change on Hilton Head Island.

“We have 280 people from all over the world, representing 27 states and five different countries, who come to Hilton Head Island every year for this tournament,” said Mortgage Network’s David Crowell. “It’s an enormous amount of planning every year, and it’s a wonderful time.”



As a former ski racer, motorcycle rider and ocean sailor, Bob Clarkson is no stranger to taking risks!  As the market was hitting the bottom in 2010, after nearly four decades in the real estate business, he decided to take a financial risk and open a new brokerage, The Alliance Group Realty.