Tim ScottMonthly sat down with Republican U.S. Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina to discuss his “Opportunity Agenda,” a series of Senate bills that would expand access to quality education, provide tax incentives for employers who create job apprenticeships, and offer a temporary capital gains deferral to businessmen in exchange for reinvesting those dollars into economically distressed areas.

In 1996, Howard Lyman found himself thrust under the national spotlight when he and Oprah Winfrey were unsuccessfully sued by the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association. A former fourth-generation cattle farmer, Howard was on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” to explain mad cow disease and how it is created by feeding bovine meal to cows in factory farm operations.

Top row from left: (kids) Lucy Esquivel, Oliver Esquivel, Leo Esquivel, Gabby Gray, Harper Esquivel, Will Gray Bottom Row: Darby Davis, Margaret Esquivel Davis, Layla Davis, Hector Esquivel, Dr. Hector Esquivel, Barbara Esquivel, Eric Esquivel, Layla Esquivel, Stephanie Esquivel and Landon Esquivel

The Bible says, “Honor a physician with the honor due unto him…” and Dr. Hector Esquivel has lived a life of service that deserves the highest honor and respect. His memory book is a testament to this life and contains handwritten and typed notes and letters from his grateful patients, thanking him for his “kindness and gentleness.”

No one wants to be forgotten. Some believe that being remembered is not simply a way to respect those who came before you; it is also a way to keep those people alive for future generations. And when our lives are ones we can be proud of, it becomes our legacy, our priceless gift to those who come after us.

If you’ve spent any time inside the Sun City Hilton Head gates, you’ve likely seen or heard Gwyneth Saunders.

Those who know and love her count her as a symbol of the community’s ageless vitality. The ever-humble 64-year-old prefers to see it as just not having the ability to say no.


One look at the 74-foot topsail schooner Wolf and the average sailor might be intimidated. Luckily for the Wolf’s owner, Capt. Finbar Gittelman, Hilton Head Island boat captain Scott Hammet is not your average sailor.

Learning about the Brown family can open many doors to the past that reveal how complex and textured life was generations ago. Their family tree is expansive, and like most of islanders, they are related to several other prominent Hilton Head Island families. The Browns’ story demonstrates, once again, that the heart and soul of Hilton Head is embodied in its strong first families.

Kay MooreReading Kay Moore’s recently published memories of Hilton Head Island is like spending a summer afternoon sitting on the porch with a pitcher of sweet tea and listening to a favorite aunt talk about “the old days.”

Moore’s book, “Before the Bridge,” is a collection of vignettes about the days when island resident Charlie Simmons had the only store and sold sundries. There was always, she writes, “a beer for Mom and Dad, and the absolutely coldest milk in half-pint bottles for brother ‘Butch’ and me.” 

Photo by Rob Kaufman: From left: Bill Green, Mary Lawyer Green, Rosalind Trotter, Mike Major, Louise Lawyer McCluney, George McCluney, Samantha Mendoza, Uriel Mendoza, Veronica Lawyer Ferguson and May Lawyer.

Very few details are known about the personal stories and the often heroic lives of the original residents of Mitchelville. The story of the Lawyer family is important because it is a story of survival, and fearless determination to succeed against all odds. It provides us with new and valuable insights into Hilton Head Island’s past. This is a story about a proud and courageous American family that dates all of the way back to Mitchellville’s heyday in the mid-19th century.

Planner and developer David Ames wins special election for Ward 3 seat on Hilton Head Town Council. Now what?

David Ames is the newest member of Hilton Head Town Council. The 71-year-old planner and developer defeated three other candidates during a special election for the Ward 3 seat on May 3.

Ames will represent the Hilton Head Island areas of Spanish Wells, Point Comfort, Palmetto Bay, Wexford, Long Cove, Yacht Cove, Shelter Cove and Shipyard.