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3015-Green-StudentNoWallsKristen Marshall Mattson grew up near Daytona Beach, Fla., fascinated with everything nature has to offer. The days spent outside exploring were always exciting but it was the nights that especially thrilled her.
“I have always loved the stars,” Mattson said. “Starting from when I was 5 years old, we always camped at state parks and I went to a program a park ranger did and I got to look at Jupiter through a telescope.

3015-Green-VolunteerHHHSGeorge Westerfield isn’t afraid of getting his hands dirty.
The retired teacher grew up in Savannah with a father who loved to garden, and “my father had four boys who helped him in the yard because they had no choice. Some of that stuck with me,” he said.

3015-Green-USCBStudentDevin Mock grew up with a compost heap and a family that recycled "everything," so when she began attending the University of South Carolina Beaufort, she found the lack of recycling bins troubling.
When she was elected president of the school's Student Government Association for the 2013-14 academic year, she made sure to change that.

3015-Green-BeeKeeperOdds are good you haven’t thought about bees all day.
Sure, you realize they’re out there, making honey, stinging campers, doing all the things that bees do, but unless you’ve stumbled across a hive in your yard lately it’s most likely been some time since you had bees on the brain.  But you probably should start thinking about bees, especially if you’re one of those people who requires food to survive.

3015-Green-BlufftonTeacherNo one will ever accuse bluffton high school science teacher tim chase of being green with envy. However, green is a daily part of Chase’s life as he gets his students involved in environmental projects that transcend traditional book studies.

3015-Green-ClemsonHorticultureSome people hit upon the perfect career path on the first try, while others spend years and even decades searching for a career that keeps them engaged, allows them to shine and offers a sense of purpose or fulfillment. For Laura Lee Rose, a Clemson Extension horticulture agent of consumer education who discovered a career in horticulture in her 40s, the right career was definitely worth the wait.

3015-Green-CoastalKingdomTony Mills has been teaching folks about nature for decades, first as the educational outreach director for the University of Georgia’s Savannah River Ecology Lab for 21 years and now as co-teacher of the Lowcountry Institute’s Master Naturalist program since 2007.


If you wanted to know what was so intriguing about Rob DeCanio, Brittany Jean and Nate Addy, you could stop at the fact that all three work at Zipline Hilton Head.
That alone, having the coolest job in the world, would probably be enough. While the rest of us are biding time until the weekend, demarcating our days in cups of coffee and bathroom breaks, they are soaring among the treetops, delving into the local waters, celebrating our unique ecology and spreading the gospel of Hilton Head Island to visitors far and wide.

0215-People-SonjaEvans honors her roots and cherishes her evolution

Ten years ago, Sonja Griffin Evans was trying to battle out of a very dark place. In therapy and fighting through a battle with depression, Evans was asked what makes her happy.
She thought back to her days drawing anything that came to her mind in high school. She thought of her Gullah heritage. And then, she just started painting.
A decade later, Evans is one of the featured artists at the 2015 Gullah Celebration XVII Arts Ob 
We People annual art exhibition, a healthy, celebrated and thriving artist still using art as her daily therapy.