September’s MVP: Carol Schembra

September’s MVP: Carol SchembraThere are great women, and then there are amazing women – those who make you stand taller, set the bar higher and pave the way for others a little each day. Yes…she’s amazing all right. She’s also compassionate, smart, loyal, business savvy and a giver, by anyone’s standard. Carol Schembra, president of the WatersEdge Board and secretary of Hilton Head Prep’s Board of Trustees, is an MVP and it only takes five minutes into an interview to discover why. The day Monthly spoke with Schembra was a momentous one – her 30th anniversary with husband Phil.

HHM: Today’s your anniversary. What’s the secret to a great marriage?
CS: Communication. Respect. Trust. Phil and I work a lot together, but we also value each other’s space. You have to be willing to make it work. We met at the pool at Queen’s Grant in Palmetto Dunes. He was with a friend and I was with a friend. Our first date was dinner at CQ’s and three months later we were planning our wedding.
HHM: What brought you to Hilton Head Island?
CS: I was on my way to start a job in Miami at the Fontainebleau Hotel. I stopped in Hilton Head with my parents and never left.
HHM: What do you love about it?
CS: The beauty of it. The quality of life. The people and the vision and land planning that goes into it all makes it a special place. It’s a great place to hang your hat.
HHM: You live on a resort island. What is your idea of an absolutely perfect getaway?
CS: The city. We love New York… going to plays and sporting events.
HHM: What was your best trip ever?
CS: When our son Chris graduated from high school two years ago we took him to Italy. We honeymooned in Italy and my husband Phil is Italian so Chris got to meet his cousins in Sicily and see where his grandfather lived. It was very special.
HHM: What has being a mother taught you?
CS: He’s taught me a lot about life. My biggest wish for him is to achieve his goals and his passions. Chris is an extraordinary man. He has been attending Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida.
HHM: Speaking of extraordinary individuals, who’s someone you truly admire?
CS: My husband. I think he’s very positive and upbeat. He has a good outlook on life. He motivates people. He’s also an awesome father and good family man.
HHM: I wish I had more……?
CS: Time to volunteer. I’m a giving person and I really like volunteering and giving back to the community. I believe how you manage your time is really important. Being organized and setting goals gives you more time for the things you want to do in life.
HHM: Speaking of organization, isn’t that a subject you know something about?
CS: My husband I own a company called Hilton Head Island Performance Group that produces time management planners for a variety of corporations across the country. Our largest client is the NFL. We produce the annual planners and calendars for all the NFL players along with their agents. They’ve also asked us to develop a planner for inner city football players as part of their youth character development program. Our success stems from surrounding ourselves with competent, professional staff.

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