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Suzette Springer: The circus comes to town

Suzette Springer: THE CIRCUS COMES TO TOWNMany kids dream of joining the circus, but Suzette Springer actually did it. In the 1980s, she performed with Cirque du Soleil as a contortionist and served as a member of the Big Apple Circus.

“It was a time for learning how to approach not just the arts, but life,” she says. “No complaining, no whining — just incredible amounts of practice and absolute devotion to your goals.”

Springer began dancing when she was 10; by the time she reached high school she was studying for half her days and dancing the rest. A prosperous professional career in dance and teaching followed; now she’s about to fulfill her longtime dream of teaching at her own studio.

“I’ve taught in a number of cities, from New York to Los Angeles, and on the island for many years,” she says, “and I’ve had an overwhelming amount of requests about more diversity in fitness activities.”

This month, Springer will open Move and Motion on Hilton Head. Billed as a fitness, dance, gymnastics and aerial arts facility, it’s a place where the health-conscious can learn mainstream classes such as pilates and dance alongside more circus-ready activities such as unicycling, juggling, balancing on a teeterboard and aerial yoga.

“You won’t have to travel far to take ‘big-city’ dance and diverse modern exercise classes,” she says, “And it lets me hand-pick unique fitness and arts activities I’ve experienced that are hard to find anywhere else.”

A ‘star’- powered opening
The grand opening of Suzette Springer’s Move and Motion studio, featuring dance pro Corky Ballas from “Dancing With the Stars,” will take place 2-5 p.m. Jan. 15. The public is invited. The studio is located at 21 Cardinal Road, Hilton Head Island. 843-290-6898. www.moveandmotion.com