Alliance Dance Academy was built for family.

It’s not unusual in this digital age for a parent to post a snapshot of their kid in celebration of a victory. When Erin McMahon won “Performer of the Weekend” at the prestigious LA Dance Magic Convention, however, her mom posted two pictures: one of her right after winning, the other at age 5, just starting out.

Bridging those two photos is the time Erin spent as a member of the Alliance Dance Academy family. 

“We really are a family,” said founder Rochelle Clarkson. “The week before that competition, we had another of our girls, Kristine, win the top spot, and she was there with her sister. Over the years, we have had 5 sets of sisters on our competition team!  That doesn’t happen.”

With three of the 10 teachers at Alliance having been there since day one, Alliance is truly more like a family than just a top-notch dance academy (although it is certainly that as well; one glance at the walls tells the story). Just ask two of its newest members, teachers Sarah King and Dylana Scudder. 

“The minute I walked in, everyone made me feel at home,” said King. “The kids are just so happy to be there, and they are incredibly engaged. It’s a testament to what Rochelle has built here.”

Scudder agrees. “Honestly, it’s like a second family,” she said. “Dance is a great creative outlet and I love being a part of it.”

That same welcome greets every student at Alliance.  It’s much more than just dance, it’s building friendships that transcend generations and are lifelong!

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