LEADING LADIES: Ashley Douglas


Betty the Bernese Mountain Dog was a little too boisterous for her owner, pulling her around with the brute strength so common to her breed. Duke, a hound dog, would not stop barking and having accidents in the house, driving his owners to the end of their rope. A third dog had been deemed a threat by the state of South Carolina.

All three came to Ashley Douglas with different behavioral issues. And all three, we are pleased to say, are now well behaved and well loved by their families. 

“My mission is my motto," said Douglas, "Own The Dog That Everyone Wants."

Ashley's first career was as a teacher (of the human variety). After 20 years in education, she attended National K9 Dog Trainer School and became fascinated with the evolving science behind dog training. At a workshop run by Puppy Potential, her eyes were opened to the immense changes trainers can create by focusing on emotional development, rather than just obedience.

“I learned a new set of methodologies to combine with traditional dog training," Douglas said. "We work on focus and relaxation. If we can help a dog become more focused and relaxed, the obedience falls into place."

Hers is an educated approach that places Ashley Douglas's business, Paws On Learning, at a completely different level than simply training a dog.

“We’re not just coaching dogs, we’re working closely with owners to resolve matters big and small."

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