Sea Pines Real Estate


Q. What first brought you to the island?

A. (Lorri Lewis) My roommate at Michigan State, her parents lived in Sea Pines and we came down for a college vacation. We rolled into Sea Pines and I was blown away. It left such an impression on me. After I graduated, I always kept a picture of me at the Sea Pines Beach Club in my office and I’d tell people, “If I could find a way to go to this beach as my job every day, that would be great.” Now I find myself running this company, working with agents I used to see in magazines as a kid. It was exciting to be invited into this group of legends in real estate.

A. (Wendy Corbitt) My husband brought me to Hilton Head Island as a bride in 1975. I say, “He brought me to paradise, and we never left!” Cary was beginning his career in the golf industry, and I was a medical technologist in the pathology laboratory at Hilton Head Hospital in its inaugural year.

Q. How do you view the client/agent relationship differently?

A. (Corbitt) Most of us do not buy or sell property but a few times in our lives. It can be a daunting task. I see myself as an adviser or counselor for my buyers and sellers. Listening is key. A wonderful bond is formed as we go through the process. It is so helpful to have a cadre of professionals in my sphere from lenders to attorneys to building specialists who respond to my clients’ needs as we work to a successful closing and beyond.

Q. What challenges does it present holding a leadership role over so many agents in such a storied real estate company?

A. (Lewis) For me, the challenge has been the changing landscape of real estate. I work with some extremely talented agents who have been at this on the island for decades, and things like changing over to smartphones to open lockboxes and internet-based leads and transactions can be difficult. In the end, while I lead by introducing and teaching them how to use new technology. ... They’ve taught me that relationships, reputation and knowledge are the keys to success — no matter how much the technology changes.


32 Greenwood Dr, Hilton Head Island