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Loni Lueke


Q. How does being known as “The German REALTOR®” help you stand out?

A. That happened accidentally. I was sitting at a restaurant and a guy came up to me and said, ‘Hey you’re the German realtor. I forgot your name but you’re the German realtor.’ I was like, ‘Thank you, that’s it!’

Q. How long have you been in real estate?

A. I have always loved Real Estate and started working in a Real Estate office in Germany when I was in my twenties.  Later in my life my ex-husband and I started buying, remodeling and selling high-end properties in Germany and Portugal. I started as a Real Estate agent down here in 2016. I love the fact that a buyer’s agent works with no cost for the buyer and get paid by the seller. That´s very different than in Germany.

Q. What brought you to the Lowcountry?

A. My daughter moved here and I would come to visit her. I remember flying back to Berlin in February, which is freezing, after spending time in this paradise and thinking, ‘What am I doing here?’ So I came back in March and decided to stay. The reasons I love it here so much are: I love the beach, golf, the weather and I love the history of Hilton Head Island and in particular Sea Pines. I am so impressed by what Charles Fraser did.

Q. You mentioned that in addition to real estate, you were a communications coach in Germany. How has that helped you?

A. In Germany, I used to help CEOs and politicians building better relationships through communication. I couldn’t do it here because of the language, so I started offering face reading seminars for Realtors. Face reading is special part of non-verbal communications and I thought it was perfect for this group.  Selling Real Estate is building relationships based on trust.  If you can read someone’s emotions in the face and see if they’re happy, excited, angry or if they’re secretly impressed, makes it easier to figure out what they really want. This and my love for Real Estate comes together now and I feel grateful every day.

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32 Greenwood Drive,
Hilton Head Island