Jordan Young


Question. When did you get started with Coastal Rentals and what drew you to them?

Answer. I started working with Coastal Rentals in 2011 as an assistant property manager, and then worked my way up to director of operations. We manage properties on Hilton Head Island and in Bluffton and Okatie doing everything from long-term rentals to tenant placement services and absentee owner services. We’re full service. We do what we say we do, and our service is top notch. I’m proud to be a part of that.

Q. Who have been some of your mentors along the way?

A. I came into this with just a real estate marketing background and no property management experience. The women who started Coastal Rentals in 2009 really paved the way for me. They both took me under their wings and taught me everything I know. From something as simple as showing a property, to negotiating contracts or standing firm in what I believed in, they were instrumental in helping me become successful. They helped me understand the good, the bad and ugly this industry throws at you.

Q. What are some of the things you wish you’d known when you started?

A. You have to be prepared for anything. You hope for the best, and you prepare for the worst. You’re going to be challenged on a daily basis. You have to have a good head on your shoulders and stand firm in what you believe in. And never leave home without a tape measure, Clorox wipes, and business cards.

Q. What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned?

A. Honesty is the best policy. I’m maybe too blunt, but everybody always knows where I stand. I think I’ve gained a lot of respect for that. I’m fair, but I’ve learned that the more open and honest you are with people, the better relationship you will have with them.

Q. What is your favorite part of the job?

A. I think overall, I like the fact that this industry is not mundane. Every day is a new adventure. I’ve met a lot of wonderful people and made great friends along the way. I love interacting with homeowners and tenants and meeting new people.

Q. When we checked on you last year, you’d just had a baby. How are the toddler years going?

A. Our 18-month-old always keeps me on my toes. But he’s also helped me separate work and personal life. After a tough day, seeing him running to me for a hug and kiss makes all the stress disappear.

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