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Question. Describe the most significant accomplishment of your career.

Answer. In the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, it became very clear how important the property managers are to those who have trusted Coastal Rentals with their property. My team and I immediately responded to requests for updates, and within hours of the storm we were able to assess each property and facilitate any repairs. This experience helped our homeowners trust us during Hurricane Irma, knowing we would be boots on the ground for them in any emergency.

Q. How have you tackled a recent project or problem and made it better?

A. Our website wasn’t driving as much traffic as we would have liked. So during our rebranding process, I oversaw and helped redesign our new website — which increased our business opportunities, site traffic and online presence.   

Q. What advice would you give to young women looking to enter your industry?

A. Speak up, stay strong, and stand firm in what you believe. Many industries, including property management, are primarily male-driven. Don’t be afraid to be heard. You deserve the respect.

How do you find a good work-life balance?

A. As a new mom, it’s been a big challenge to avoid the “mom guilt” working mothers have. My team is dependable, hard-working and I have 100 percent confidence in them. I also have the world’s greatest husband, who keeps me grounded and laughing. The combination helps me stay balanced.

Q. How did you get where you are today?

A. Work ethic. I come from a hard-working family, and I was taught to work for what you have. There is no such thing as “that’s not my job.” I’ve always been a team player and willing to get my hands dirty, even if it’s not in the job description. I began my career as an administrative assistant, and then worked my way up — including in my current position.

Q. How have you overcome obstacles in life?

A. I lost my father unexpectedly when I was 23 years old. I’ve always considered myself an independent person, but losing him at a young age made me mature a little faster than I would’ve liked. The loss of my dad hasn’t defined me, but it made me a stronger woman and taught me that life is precious, and to hug the ones you love.

Q. What has your career taught you about leadership?

A. I feel the two biggest aspects of leadership are respect and communication. If you respect those you work with, you’ll get it in return. Keeping an open line of communication is key, and if there’s a problem or a better way to do something, I want to hear it.

Q. How long have you lived in the Lowcountry?

A. I grew up in Albany, Georgia, and was introduced to the Lowcountry while interning at the Coastal Discovery Museum in 2004. I fell in love with the area and, since I’m not a fan of big cities, Bluffton was the perfect fit. I moved after graduating from Georgia Southern University and never looked back. It’s given me a successful career, lifelong friendships, an amazing husband, and a beautiful son. What more could a woman ask for?

Coastal Rentals

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