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One hallmark of Dr. Frederick Weniger’s distinguished career has long been his well-rounded approach to helping patients look and feel their best. It’s a fullservice approach exemplified through his own practice, Weniger Plastic Surgery, and through his work at LUX ~ A Medical Spa.


The focus of rejuvenation cannot be on surgery alone, or skin alone, or even volume alone. The only way to get a natural youthful look is by considering all of the parts of facial aging together. You can call it “holistic” rejuvenation, but really it’s just reversing the natural aging process.

With the surgical approach augmented by the suite of therapeutic options at LUX ~ A Medical Spa, Dr. Weniger is able to truly offer the well-rounded treatment he’s known for.
And he’ll be the first to tell you he’s not alone.

“More than doing it by myself, it has been a far greater joy to teach our incredible team how I see aesthetics — and to then watch them make so many people happy,” he said.


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