Biological Center for Dentistry

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It would almost be reductive to call Richard Porcelli, DDS, MS, just a dentist. To be sure, his practice at the Biological Center for Dentistry does offer the utmost in dental care – at a level of expertise that draws clients not just from around the Lowcountry, but around the world. But for Dr. Porcelli, it’s about much more than just a healthy smile.

“Biological dentistry goes further in the understanding of the relationship between the mouth and the body,” he said. “A lot of the aim is to bring medical disciplines together so we can work hand in hand and understand the body as a whole. It’s a form of medicine where we try to discover what causes disruptions and bring back harmony of the body.”

Having traveled the world working with specialists and spending thousands of hours in pursuit of his craft, Dr. Porcelli had already established a globally recognized reputation for dentistry when he began to look deeper into the root causes of the dental issues he was seeing.

“When we would pull up medical histories on patients, the one surprising thing was that people were very sick,” he said. “It started to make sense to me that this is much deeper than what people understand.”

Today his practice takes a more holistic approach to dental health, treating issues that occur in the mouth and body by tackling the underlying issues that cause them, be it poor nutrition, jaw under-development and TMJ, Sleep Apnea or environmental toxins.

“The mission in general is to help patients take health in their own hands,” he said.

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