Leading men



For many small business owners, it all started with a love for what they do. Whether it’s building a home or baking a cake, that passion drives the business forward. It’s when creating a business becomes running a business — doing payroll, assessing revenue streams, creating a growth plan — that many get stuck. That’s where Mario Martinez of Innova comes in.

“The big challenge we wanted to address was that business owners weren’t getting good advice,” he said. “We want to make sure each client understands how much potential they have in business.”

When Martinez talks about Innova’s services, he talks about them in the sense of a partnership. Innova is there for advice and counseling, but also for bookkeeping, taxes, business plans and any other needs that might arise in the pursuit of success.  But most importantly is just being there, whether it’s reviewing revenue streams or applying for a loan.

“It’s almost like a mentoring program. We help them gain awareness of who they are and how they can do it better,” Martinez said.

It’s part of a philosophy that Martinez and his all bilingual staff apply to every client, one that comes from lessons he learned from his father.

“My dad passed away in 2004… the last advice he gave me was, ‘God gave you two hands. One for work. And the other to help. Remember that and you’ll be fine, ’ ” Martinez said.

As such, Innova makes it a point to give back and help numerous charities and organizations around the Lowcountry, just as it serves to be a helpful hand lifting Lowcountry businesses to their full potential.

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