Intriguing People: John Jacobs

john-jacobsMost people are lucky enough to achieve success in one career their whole lives. John Jacobs is currently on his fifth.

Starting out as a teacher, becoming an administrator, segueing into a twenty-six year career with National Starch and Chemical, utilizing those skills to found a distribution and packaging logistics company, and now settling into small-business ownership quite nicely with his wife, Ramona Fantini, his success in seemingly everything that he does is a direct reflection of his outlook on life.

Just crack open one of the books from his children’s series. Oh yeah, did we mention he’s a published author? He writes about a girl, Sandy Stockings, in search of the right path to follow. Though she is only in middle school, her life experience and trials seem grown-up. One character in the series who sounds a lot like Jacobs, says “We improve when we apply ourselves.

“Chances will keep coming by, but you should snap them up whenever you can. Be open to them. No one will ever be fully prepared, but when opportunity comes your way, you’re just going to have to take it.”

Jacobs appears to have perfected the art of positivity, imparting a little optimism in everything he does. From his book characters to his career choices, Jacobs has no problem showing what is most important to him. “I always say ‘family first and you will never go wrong or have regret in life.’” A token of wisdom that should be written in every book, if you ask us.

“Each and every one of us has been given the ability to follow our heart. And we all have the same heart. It is your decision in life, whether you decide to follow it or not.” Jacobs takes responsibility for his actions. And if a person is going to thank or blame only themselves for their lot in life, wouldn’t you want to know you did the absolute best that you could?

“The ladder of success will unfold when you follow your heart. Don’t let other people knock you aside. People will continuously try to knock you down. Stay true to what makes you true to yourself. That’s the key. You have to believe in yourself.”

Jacobs has created a personal mantra that other people are clamoring to adopt. He issues out a “Thought of the Day” via email to hundreds of recipients. His outlook and confident grasp on what he considers important inspires people to reconsider and reevaluate what it is that they know to be true. A dose of fresh perspective never hurt anyone. In fact, it often benefits you.

Comfortable with his own achievements, Jacobs recognized an opportunity to thank his wife for her dutiful support their whole lives by backing her when she decided to open Pino Gelato in The Village at Wexford. Ramona Fantini spent some time in Europe and recognized an opportunity in gelato when she saw one. But she, just like her husband, sees more to it than just tasty ingredients. She sees each customer walking out with a little scoop of happiness. “I wanted to be in the background and just support her. I believed in her and I loved her. I wanted to help her grow the gelato business.”

Jacobs opens the first book in his series with a letter to the reader, and it’s something that everyone should be told at least once in their life.

“I sincerely believe you have the ability to achieve anything you want when you learn to apply your creativity and inner intelligence to realize your dreams. Your spirit is brilliant, beautiful and perfect. Some days won’t go your way. Some people will say or do things that may make you question yourself. Never give up. Always believe in yourself and remember to be what you want to be.”

Jacobs operates by his own creed, living as a testament to the success a person can become if they invest in themselves. If you truly believe that you can succeed, no matter what you try, then it’s impossible to fail.

Stop by Pino Gelato, order a few scoops of Milk Chocolate and Whiskey gelato, and drop off your email address to be added to the “Thought of the Day” list. Delicious and enlightening.

Photo by Rob Kaufman