Some organizations are led by talented hardworking women. The Sandbox was founded by them. It was a group of moms who gifted the island with The Sandbox 16 years ago, creating a place where kids could learn and grow through structured play. Today, women still lead the way at the Sandbox, both as president of the board and working one-on-one with the children and families.

The leading ladies of the Sandbox bring a variety of talents to the play table, the dozen women on staff ranging from former preschool teachers to pediatric nurses. Special education, Montessori, fine arts, early childhood education… this potent blend of child-focused backgrounds creates a multi-dimensional experience for the children who come to The Sandbox.

“They really bring a lot of experience into work with them every day, whether its planning programming, actually running programming or interacting with the children and their families,” said Executive Director Nancy Fowler. “It makes the play and learning experience better, because we’re looking at the experience from a variety of angles.”

She notes that having leading ladies on staff with a healthcare background has been paramount over the last few years. “Particularly coming off COVID where we had to redefine what hands-on play looked like.” It was a challenge, but these leading ladies accomplished it together.

“Even though they range in age from 16 to 75, they’ve created this wonderful sisterhood,” said Fowler. “The veterans mentor the younger ones, who in turn bring this wonderful youthful energy to The Sandbox.”

80 Nassau St. Hilton Head Island and 1414 Fording Island Rd, Suite E-180 Bluffton | thesandbox.org