When it comes to a successful real estate transaction, Emily Boatwright believes in collaboration and communication. The mother of two began Boatwright Law Firm in 2017 to assist Lowcountry residents with their real estate transaction needs, while still prioritizing her most important job: motherhood.

“I am willing to put in the long hours to teach my sons how important strong and independent women can be,” said Boatwright. “We have always championed that at our firm.” Boatwright Law Firm is a team of three. Emily is at the helm with the help of Maryellen Hager and Logan Bird. “I continually appreciate both of them,” she shared. “We realize that real estate can be an emotional process, which is why we work behind the scenes daily to make things easier on our clients.”

Emily mentions how important it is to work for a local industry that is always willing to build each other up. “From lenders to lawyers to agents, we all work together with the same end goal.”

Boatwright Law Firm practices a communication-based approach when it comes to client interactions. “A client can call in at any time and our whole staff is familiar with their file and who they are as a person,” she said.

Boatwright Law Firm specializes in real estate law, but they prioritize client relationships that last a lifetime.

“We don’t want our clients to think of us as a one-time transaction. After the real estate transaction ends, we’re there to assist them in the future with setting up new businesses, estate planning, or anything that’s nonlitigation. We are vested in a lifelong relationship with our clients.”

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