When you visit Regina Banis in her Bluffton office, whether you’re there seeking her counsel in real estate, estate planning, probate, or family law, one thing will certainly stand out. Namely, that the moniker of “Bluffton’s barefoot attorney” is one she comes by honestly.

“I’m the kind of lawyer most people are comfortable with,” she said. “I’m not showing up in a three-piece suit. I’m here in my bare feet. It makes people who don’t have a lot of experience with attorneys more comfortable.”

It’s a personality quirk with a purpose, one keeping with Banis’ overall philosophy as an attorney. In all aspects of her practice, the overriding goal is getting people comfortable with compromise, creating a situation that helps everyone accomplish what they need together.

Or as she puts it, “You can’t get everyone from one shore to the other if they’re not all in the same boat.”

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