2022 Intriguing People of the Lowcountry

Meet a collection of the Lowcountry’s unique personalities.

bobIntriguing People 2022: BOB LACEY

A familiar voice
Bob Lacey keeps entertaining radio listeners nationwide


Lee Jenkins

Intriguing People 2022: LEE JENKINS

Unbreakable Bond 
HHI Fire Captain Lee Jenkins savors his love of horses


ANDREA BROWNIntriguing People 2022: ANDREA BROWN

Being in the moment
Andrea Brown rides to find her inner adventurer


dennisstIntriguing People 2022: DENNIS STOKELY

Hairstylist to the stars
Dennis Stokely continues to dazzle in the Lowcountry


solizIntriguing People 2022: ALFREDO SOLIZ

Tennis teacher
Endless energy of Alfredo Soliz helps top junior players maximize potential


Sidney WilsonIntriguing People 2022: SIDNEY WILSON

Encouraging acceptance
High school senior Sidney Wilson pens book to inspire other kids


lukehIntriguing People 2022: LUKE HARO

Changing lives
Seventh-grader Luke Haro helps people around the world


rogerIntriguing People 2022: ROGER PINCKNEY

Not a word out of place
Roger Pinckney writes for his love of the Lowcountry