The Leading Lady of HHI Builders



If there is one industry that is the most difficult for women to break into, it is definitely construction. However as a co-owner of HHI Builders, Danielle Young handles the boy’s club with ease. Working side by side with her husband & their talented team of craftsmen they have transformed numerous villas & homes on Hilton Head Island. Her attention to detail and her commit-ment to excellence is unparalled. Handling design projects, power tools, or P&L’s Danielle excels in all aspects of the business.

Q: We were told you are the glue of your organization. Would that be accurate?
A: (laughs) That would be 100 percent correct. I do a little bit of every-thing….the finances, scheduling, purchasing, meeting with clients, working with subcontractors.

Q: Is it a challenge being a woman in the traditional male trade of construction?
A: This industry itself is challenging. I am most fortunate that I have not experienced challenges specific to being a female in a male-dominated industry in my experience thus far.

Q: What’s the big strength you bring to a job site?
A: I keep everything on track! Our industry is an ever-changing envi-ronment. The boundaries are pushed daily in order to provide work that is on time, on budget and holds quality to the highest standard.

Q: What advice would you give to anyone starting out in your business?
A: Find your passion. No matter what your background or your industry focus, become the best and share your expertise. Try to learn from your mis-takes as mistakes make you tougher!

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