Reality show contestants with local ties find romance on the small screen


“Hilton Head Hotties” Angela Rummans and Tyler Crispen may not have won the top prize on the 20th season of CBS’ hit reality show “Big Brother,” but it appears they won each other’s hearts.

Ohio native Crispen, 23, lived on Hilton Head Island until recently, working as a lifeguard. Rummans, 26, grew up on Hilton Head, graduating from Hilton Head Island High School and attending the University of South Carolina before moving to California, where she works as a model and runs a company that makes personalized art pieces.

Their shared love of the show “Big Brother” brought them together. Both have watched it since they were children, their families report, and were fortunate enough to be chosen for Big Brother’s twentieth season. When asked if their fellow houseguests had any misconceptions about Hilton Head, Crispen and Rummans explained, “I think they may not have realized just how small it is and how crazy it was that Tyler and I both lived there.“

The couple developed an on-screen “showmance” — professing their love to each other in the show’s final days, earning them the “Hotties” nickname —and have taken a big step in real life. Crispen recently became a full-time “houseguest,” to use a term from the show, at Rummans’ Playa Vista, California, home.

Crispen recently gushed about his new love on Instagram, tagging Rummans in a post that reads “Didn’t win the game … but I won in life.” Rummans announced their new living arrangements on Instagram: “After an eventful week in Vegas, we are finally back in our home in LA. What was mine is now ours. Spoiler alert, he’s moving in.” She used what apparently has become the couple’s new hashtag: #tangela.

Rummans said her experiences on the show were unexpected mentally and romantically. She explained, “I definitely did NOT expect to fall in love, given the circumstances I didn’t think that was even possible. I also didn’t expect this experience to change me as a person on a much deeper level. But for the best of course.”

Going into the final episodes of “Big Brother,” odds were on Crispen to win the $500,000 grand prize. He ended up losing to a fellow alliance member, but did take home $50,000, plus $25,000 after he was named “America’s Favorite Player.” Rummans placed fourth.

Crispen seemed satisfied with how everything turned out: “Being a fan of the show and actually playing the game are completely different worlds. I knew I loved the game but I never expected to make such strong connections to the people I was competing against. Especially one in particular…” 

It appears their families approve of the coupling. Rummans’ brother told a fan on Twitter that Crispen “exceeded my expectations and I can tell from meeting his friends that he is truly a great guy. I don’t recall ever seeing my sister happier and I have nothing but blessings for their developing relationship.” Rummans stated, “Everyone loves Tyler, but who doesn’t. We plan to go to Hilton Head for either Thanksgiving or Christmas, and of course we wouldn't miss The RBC Heritage Golf Tournament.”

It's possible the pair also will be on television again—there’s talk of them competing on CBS’ reality show “Amazing Race.”

“We don’t have anything official yet, but we’re definitely open for anything right now,” Crispen recently told People Magazine. “I would only do ‘Amazing Race’ with her.”