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Last weekend’s March on Washington was historical on so many levels for Americans and citizens who participated around the globe.  For this islander, imagine the simple culture shock of leaving Hilton Head in the off-season (pop. 39,000), for our bustling nation’s Capitol city (pop. 672,228).  Even if subtracting a couple hundred thousand from D.C.’s resident population (to account for those who skedaddled during the January 20, 2017 weekend), one still must add back an estimated 800,000 protesters from all over the country – all of who were on the streets in one six-hour period – the wave of humanity working towards a common purpose was unimaginably, awe-inspiring. 

If you were deaf, which tribe would you belong to? The hearing world, the deaf world or your family world? Check out this preview of “Tribes” then go see it at the Hilton Head Preparatory School Main Street Theatre.


This is a video that was made for the 2016 Celebrating Dr. Jack Event on May 10, 2016. Don't forget to attend Volunteers In Medicine's Circle of Caring Gala on Dec. 3 at The Westin Hilton Head Island Resort & Spa.


At just 8 days old Virginia Ann Fraser underwent open heart surgery. Today Virginia Ann is happy, healthy and recently celebrated her first birthday.