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Paul Ianuario2Every year, the Hilton Head Island Concours d’Elegance & Motoring Festival recognizes one collector for his or her continued participation and support. This year, that recognition goes to Paul Ianuario of Duncan.

Selected for his regular contributions to Concours, Ianuario has attended every event since the inaugural Hilton Head event in 2002, also frequently serving as a judge — including chief judge — and exhibiting vehicles. He joined Concours’ board of directors in 2017.

We often look at wellness-oriented treatment options like bodywork, spa sessions, exercise classes, health coaches and eating organic foods as luxuries — something “extra” we do for ourselves. But each of these treatments benefits our quality of life and, ultimately, our longevity — making even a 15-minute chair massage a health necessity. Here are a few reasons why you might want to indulge in some self-love.

Sarah Hurst is willing to consider just about any medical treatment that will help her 4-year-old daughter. So it didn’t sit well with her when she heard a top South Carolina law-enforcement officer label the hemp oil her daughter takes to help control seizures as “snake oil.”

“I’ve seen it stop a seizure after three minutes,” says Hurst, 34, of Bluffton.

Some of the Lowcountry’s best artists submitted works depicting Hilton Head Island and Bluffton for our City Guide issue. Enjoy their renditions of our local landscapes and landmarks here.



I recently had the chance to test-drive a few boats with BoatUS, the nation’s largest organization of recreational boat owners. In addition to selling boat insurance, the company also teaches boating safety courses and helps educates boaters on environmental issues. I was excited to get on board and get going.


Winston Churchill famously once said, “We shape our buildings, and afterwards our buildings shape us.” Several local schools are taking this to heart and are expanding or building new campuses — with learning at the forefront of the design.

Hilton Head Christian Academy, Cross Schools, Royal Live Oaks Charter School and the new Polaris Tech Charter School are all embracing student-centered learning, which is characterized by a curriculum that teachers can personalize to fit each student.


One of my favorite funny stories was told by a friend from Memphis. Here’s her account of  a hormone-fueled, inferno moment when all bets and clothes were off. (Feel free to channel her Southern accent as you read it.)


Can a shirt make you feel better about yourself? Hilton Head Island resident Heather Quinn and Jessica Berinato, her best friend of more than 20 years, say yes.

In March, the pair launched Heartward, a line of kids’ clothing devoted to promoting positivity and kindess. The brand’s shirts are made of durable, kid-tested fabric and feature designs relaying positive messages meant to inspire and encourage.

Tom Ferraro, Carolina Energy Conservation

Dear Editor,

I have been in the solar industry for about 9 years and have watched different utilities throughout the country try to restrict solar, as is happening now in South Carolina. Most of the objections to rooftop solar have stated that subsidies for solar customers aren’t fair to non-solar customers. The truth is yes, solar is subsidized. But so are utilities and pretty much any other industry that we want to grow. The opportunity to receive federal tax credits was a big part of the decision to undertake the $9 Billion VC Summer Nuclear Plant. Those subsidies are part of what kept the project afloat for so long.

One Lowcountry dad offers his perspective on parenting

Lee Edwards daughters“When I found out we were expecting our first child, I said to myself — like most men, I assume — that I would be happy either way, but I secretly wanted a boy,” said Lee Edwards. “And yet, as soon as our first popped out and I saw it was a girl, I was absolutely thrilled to have a daughter. Maybe even more so than if it had been a son.