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reflectionsA Hilton Head Island newcomer chases a Palmetto bug around the house for hours. In an unlikely pairing, a cat and horse become best friends. Defying international real estate norms, a woman takes ownership of 1 square foot of Scotland.

These scenarios are all part of “Reflections,” the 20th anniversary anthology from the Island Writers’ Network of Hilton Head Island. More than local 50 contributors —including novelists, essayists, poets, photographers and journalists — share their works focused on life in the Lowcountry and beyond.

The Town of Hilton Head Island’s Mayor's Honored Islander Award Program recognizes outstanding Hilton Head Island residents who selflessly serve the community. A committee  appointed by the mayor reviews nominations and selects the winners.

Congratulations to just-announced winners:


A leadership consultant, history buff and former corporate executive, Hilton Head Island resident Richard Thomas can add author to his resume. Fittingly, his first book focuses on Lowcountry firsts throughout history.

Published by the Heritage Library Foundation, “Backwater Frontier” is a compilation of stories about significant events that took place in Beaufort County and were firsts of their kind in the U.S.

online exclusiveSixteen speakers, including national presenters and Lowcountry residents, will take the stage at the second annual TEDxHiltonHeadWomen, to be held Dec. 7. They were selected from hundreds who submitted applications; each will share her original ideas around the theme “Bold + Brilliant – Without Apology.”

TEDx events bring “Ideas Worth Spreading” to local communities around the globe. All TEDx talks are 18 minutes or less.



Raise your “manus” — Latin for hand — if you are a word nerd. I know “ego sum” — I am. If you are, too, the etymology of the word “ergonomics” might interest you. It derives from two Greek words: “ergon,” meaning work, and “nomos,” meaning natural law. Combined, these words form “ergonomics,” or the science of work and a person's relationship to that work.

Now raise your “manus” if you also work at a desk. Keep it up if you ever experience pain — whether in your lower back or carpal tunnel — after working for a few hours. Now keep it up if you have ever consulted an ergonomist. For those of you who suddenly lowered your hand, here’s an overview of ergonomics, starting with neutral posture.

starsSet in the South during the Great Depression, Sean Dietrich’s new novel “Stars in Alabama” weaves together the stories of a homeless teen mother with the gift of healing, two migrant workers and a child preacher on the run from his violent father. 

Their stories intersect when Marigold, the teen mother, leaves her infant in the woods when she goes into town to steal food. Migrant workers Paul and Vern find the baby and care for her as their own.

Avoiding Dehydration

During this time of year in the Lowcountry, even the live oaks look hot and in need of a respite from the heat. Those of us trying to keep in step with our workout routines know just how they feel — hot and thirsty.

And for good reason: Dehydration is a big risk in summer months, experts say.

“Everyone is different. What may tax one person may not affect another,” said Laura Fromdahl, owner of Tri Strong Coaching. “This can be difficult if you compare yourself to your training partner or other people. Read your body. If you experience any of the symptoms, you need to up your hydration game."



There is no one-size-fits-all diet, and it can be difficult for people to figure out what kinds of foods might best meet their needs.

Hollie Donelson, nutritional therapy practitioner and owner of Happy Tummies of the Lowcountry, sees clients weeding their way through the fads and trends regularly.