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Students and the public had a chance to view history with the presentation of the Anne Frank — A History for Today exhibit at Cross Schools in Bluffton. The Anne Frank Partnership was sponsored by The Anne Frank House, Amsterdam, and local partner, University of South Carolina’s College of Education Anne Frank Project.

The Anne Frank Partnership has worked since 2015 to create globally- and socially aware students in South Carolina classrooms. 

The international exhibit has traveled all over the world and is presented more than 300 times per year.  It tells the story of Anne Frank against the background of the Holocaust and the Second World War. Various versions of the exhibition are available and the exhibit at Cross Schools featured 31 story panels, detailing her life.

The Anne Frank exhibition is primarily aimed at students from 11 to 18 years old. Prior to the opening of the exhibit, Cross Schools’ high schoolers and middle schoolers trained to act as guides to the exhibition. Fifteen students, members of the Cross Schools Archivists Club, spent two days with trainers learning about the background to the exhibition; how they can communicate its content to people of their own age and how they can introduce more general themes such as tolerance and discrimination.

The event ran through the end of last month.

Says Heather Brougham-Cook, teacher mentor for the Archivists Club: “By building on strong foundational knowledge about history and events that shaped our present, our club members are well-equipped to participate in this event. Experiences like this act as windows to the world for students, helping them develop empathetic responses to current events in their lives.”