Most Of Hunting Island State Park Closed For Rest Of 2016


Due to Hurricane Matthew, most of Hunting Island State Park is closed until further notice. All reservations are cancelled and refunded through December 2016.

Assessments showed hundreds of trees uprooted and strewn about, roads broken up, sidewalks missing, important protective dunes washed away, sand piled high in areas it wasn’t before, bathrooms with sand piled up to the toilets, structural and electrical damage, and even changes to the beachline. If you have pending reservations and need more information, call 866-345-7275. Although the majority of the park is closed to visitors, the park’s Nature Center and a small portion of the pier is open. The Nature Center will be staffed from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day, and the staff will provide basic information about the park and its recovery.