If you see a hazardous tree in a Public Road Right-of-Way or on a Town property and would like to report it; please go to the Town of Hilton Head Island's website under Disaster Recovery, Report Public Infrastructure/Code Violations

The Town will address these on a priority basis as they are discovered. A comprehensive listing of public roadways can be found on the Town's website as well.

The Town is not addressing hazardous trees on private property, unless it is leaning or hanging over a Public Road Right-of-Way, in which case it will be removed or cut at the Right-of-Way line. Private property owners, including private roads, are responsible for and should address any hazardous trees on their property.

On Saturday October 15th alone, Town contractors removed more than 700 hazardous trees and limbs over public roadways and properties. 14 bucket truck crews were in operation and more crews have been added today.

Comprehensive List of Public Roadways on Hilton Head Island

The Town of Bluffton’s Building and Safety Staff recently completed the damage assessment of structures following Hurricane Matthew.

Residents may notice either a green, yellow or red placard posted on their property by Town Staff.  If no placard is posted on the property, that indicates there was either no damage, or very minor damage visible at the time of the inspection.  A green placard indicates some minor damage was observed, and a permit is not necessary for the minor repairs to be corrected immediately.  Minor repairs may include broken windows, damaged railings or missing siding.