The VIBE: What are you thankful for?

Sea-Pines-Montessori-AcademyIt’s only natural that we get caught up in the daily grind and find ourselves complaining more than giving thanks. In reality, we all have plenty to be thankful for. When Thanksgiving rolls around once a year, we get a huge reminder about how lucky we really are when we surround the dinner table with friends and family and take time to be grateful. Whether it’s your job, your family, your health, or your puppy, it’s important to give thanks for what matters most. So what are you thankful for?


Monthly asked kindergarten students at Sea Pines Montessori Academy to show us with a picture.
Here is what they turned in:



1. ELLIE GOSSETT ... for flowers and pretty colors.
2. RACHAEL BRENNEMAN ... for my friends.
3. COLTON ROBERTS ... for my mom, dad and my brothers. Also my treasure chest and toys.
4. MCKENZIE NOVAK ... for dada and my grandpa.
5. CARLY ANTHONY ... for my friends.
6. BOBBY GOSSETT ... for my dad, family & puppy.
7. CORA KAYE ... for my sister, daddy & momma.
8. A.J. JAFFE ... for Evan on YouTube.
9. AIDAN HINZMAN ... for animals like the woolly mammoth.
10. MALLI KRISHNA ... for my family, friends and art teacher.
11. ELOISE WHITE ... for the world and my friends & family.
12. MARIO MARTINEZ ... for my food.
13. NADIA NEWTON ... for flowers and the rain that makes them grow.
14. DAVIS CARGILL ... for my home.
15. TEVI MULLEN ... for my brother when he is home from college.
16. KIAN CASEY ... for animals.
17. MERRITT RISNER ... for the sun.
RICKY KLIPPEL ... all the animals and the