Where in the world is Monthly?

Debi-LynesDebi Lynes celebrated her birthday with family and friends in Charleston.



George P. Tsantrizos, from It’s Greek to Me restaurant, and childhood riend Kyriakos Koutsogianopoulos took Monthly to the top of the famous castle of Monemvasia, Greece.


Jean and Gary Wheatly took Monthly to The Territory golf course in Duncan, Okla. The No. 11 “oil boom” hole features old oil equipment in the background.


Ralph and Phyllis Hotwagner shared their Monthly with a rather stiff gentleman in St. John, New Brunswick’s Market Square. Ralph-and-Phyllis-Hotwagner
Armando Aseneta and Rick Collins took Monthly to Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. Bier ist gut! Armando-Aseneta
Sue and Larry Roberson took Monthly to Meade Glacier in Skagway, Alaska. Sue-and-Larry-Roberson
The Russell family took Monthly on a recent anniversary celebration trip to Alaska. The picture was taken in Ketchikan on a Regent Sevens Seas ship. The-Russell-family
Steve, Sue and Stefanie Shaw at Royal Aberdeen Golf Club in Scotland. Steve-Sue-and-Stefanie
Harriette and Dave Greenberg and Linda and Glenn Witte took Monthly on Safari to Botswana. The issue also went with them to Istanbul, Cape Town and Zimbabwe.  Harriette-and-Dave
Jeff Benton and Kim Sutton of Indigo Run brought along an issue of Monthly on their trip to Florence, Italy.  Jeff-Benton-and-Kim
Even T.R. Bear reads Monthly while on vacation in Yellowstone.  ewen
Gene and Jackie Wilhoit were in the Old Town Square in front of the astronomical clock in Prague.  Gene-and-Jackie-Wilhoit
Kent Gochnauer and Elizabeth Gossett took Monthly to Budapest. Parliament is in the background.  Kent