New county school board, county council members

Elizabeth Hey won the District 10 Beaufort County school board seat, defeating incumbent Mel Campbell and Peter Kristian. Hey earned 38.11 percent of vote, Campbell received 26.35 percent and Kristian earned 35.10 percent. Rachel Wisnefski (District 7) and Carlton Dallas (District 8) won unopposed school board seats.

In County Council races, Tab Tabernik  won District 6 over Alphonso Small Jr., (67.90-31.94) and Tommy Reitz took District 11 over Cathy McClellan (65.02-34.96).  Joseph Passiment (District 5), Paula Brown (District 8), Mark Lawson (District 9) and Larry McElynn (District 10) ran for unopposed County Council seats. Incumbent PJ Tanner retained his post as sheriff. He ran unopposed. Heather Galvin (probate judge), David Cadd (auditor), and Maria Walls (treasurer) ran unopposed.  In Beaufort County, the voter turnout was 51 percent.