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Face Mask Ordinances Expire

The town of Bluffton’s emergency ordinance that required face coverings in certain situations was not renewed. Town Council voted 4-1 not to extend the ordinance, which ended 12 p.m. April 14. “Whether to wear or not wear a mask in Town limits is now an individual’s choice,” Mayor Lisa Sulka said. “However, recognize there are still many who will prefer to wear their mask and we hope that individual choices will be respected by all.”

Beaufort County Council failed to receive the necessary eight votes in order to extend the provision requiring the wearing of masks in public buildings for unincorporated Beaufort County. Beginning April 16, face coverings were no longer required in unincorporated Beaufort County. Masks are still required in county courthouses.

Hilton Head Town Council is expected to discuss its face mask ordinance May 16.