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Beaufort County School Board approves $100 million in construction contracts

The Beaufort County Board of Education approved construction contracts for the next two major projects funded with proceeds from the November 2019 bond referendum.

The board approved a $53 million contract with Kansas City-based JE Dunn Construction to build a new Robert Smalls International Academy and demolish the existing facility. It also approved a $46 million contract with Columbia-based M.B. Kahn Construction to completely renovate Battery Creek High School’s academic and athletic facilities, according to a news release.

Design work at Robert Smalls and Battery Creek is under way. Additional community meetings will be held in November (for Robert Smalls) and December (for Battery Creek).

Construction at Robert Smalls is scheduled to begin in summer 2021, with the new building to be completed in December 2022.  Once students and staff are relocated to the new building in January 2023, the old building will be demolished, the school district said.  The school’s new athletic facilities will be completed by August 2023.

Battery Creek High’s complete renovation will be done in phases. The work is scheduled to be completed by August 2023.

“We’re making outstanding progress, and we’re also on schedule and on budget,” said superintendent Frank Rodriguez.  “Our students and employees will be excited and energized by these wonderful new facilities that will enhance their academic opportunities.”