This holiday season, look beyond the usual gifts of gadgets and gizmos in favor of something with a little more meaning.

‘Tis the season for the age-old question: What to give the person on your list who has everything? Here’s one idea: The great feeling that comes from supporting local nonprofit groups in the valuable work they do all year. 


Many students who attend Neighborhood Outreach Connection’s after-school programs are behind in reading and math, but not because they and their parents don't care about education. Some of the children struggle in school because their English is limited, while others have parents who only speak Spanish and can’t help with homework. But a new grant from the Berkeley Hall Charitable Foundation will help the Bluffton locations of this Lowcountry nonprofit group better help these at-risk students. 

Dr. Joan Apple Lemoine of Hilton Head Island could be described as a one-woman think tank. She spent her entire career working as an educator at the local, state and national levels, working as the chief student affairs officer at three universities before moving to Port Royal in 2003 with her husband, John, to take the same position at the University of South Carolina Beaufort.

Like thousands of other people, Jim Ritterhoff fell in love with almost everything about Hilton Head Island when he first began visiting years ago — the island’s natural beauty, the unhurried way of life and the warmth of the local people he befriended. Being on a Sea Island whose residents cared about protecting the environment was a good fit for Ritterhoff, who leads an organization dedicated to saving one of the planet’s most precious natural resources: coral reefs.  

Billed as the nation’s oldest city, St. Augustine, Florida, is rich in history and filled with old-world charm. Founded in 1565 by Spanish explorers, the city’s National Historic Landmark district features narrow cobblestone lanes, unique shops, innovative dining, museums and activities on every corner. Lace up your walking shoes and get ready to explore the hidden gems of this walkable city.


Recently, Lowcountry residents glancing toward the sky might have noticed something unusual soaring above Hilton Head Island.

The makers of the ICON A5 — a tiny amphibious plane meant to appeal to the same demographic that buys Ferraris — brought the uniquely shaped two-seater plane to the Lowcountry demo it to prospective customers.


They came as liberators, roaring past the cacophony of anti-aircraft guns and the blistering heat and smoke of war to raise the flag of freedom beyond the horizon and bury it into the heart of tyranny. These are the machines that carried heroes, men whose names have been enshrined in monuments and memorials across the free world by the grateful nation they left behind.

For over 37 years, Forsythe Jewelers has been refining the term “relaxed luxury.” It’s a phrase that doesn’t seem, at first, to make a lot of sense — but those who have experienced the world-class designer jewelry and service offered at Forsythe know that the term perfectly describes the store’s core.


Cooler temperatures bring great looks.