0610_summerfun_dolphcruzThe abundance of marine wildlife populating our area would make producers of the cable channel “Animal Planet” envious. So, how does one explore our water surroundings if they don’t own a boat and are more interested in sightseeing than paddling? Perhaps a dolphin cruise is what you’re seeking.

The staff at the Hilton Head library suggests these:

“The Fixer Upper,” by Mary Kay Andrews. The main character in the book, Dempsey, is one tough cookie! She is unexpectedly fired from her job in New York, is caught up in a political scandal, and has to resort to accepting her father’s offer to live in and refurbish the old family home in Guthrie, Ga. She arrives broke and disillusioned. It becomes her seemingly insurmountable goal to “fix up” the estate home. This book has a balance of great supporting characters, humor and a little romance, with a feel-good ending.

Animals on the beach
Animals are not permitted on Hilton Head beaches between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

0610_summerfun_beachWhen you get down to brass tacks, there is one major reason Hilton Head Island is a beautiful Southern oasis. And lucky for us, we own it and it’s free, making it not only the best, but also the most economical source of summer fun.

0510_mvpThink you’ve got the perfect Mother’s Day gift? One local mom may have you beat. And, it doubles as a Father’s Day gift, too.
Hilton Head Island residents Jack and Barbara Finnegan will travel on an all-expense paid vacation for six days and five nights to the Reefs Hotel and Club in Bermuda this July — all thanks to their son, Tim and his wife, Caroline.
After spending their honeymoon at The Reefs, Tim and Caroline heard about a contest the resort was running encouraging past guests to “Show Your Love” of the resort or island in a submitted essay.

Imagine a prom where it's not fashionable to be late and you've only skimmed the surface of the Cinderella Fella Ball's appeal.
Started more than a decade ago by a crew of teachers, staff and parents at Battery High School, the dance is organized for special needs students and young adults with disabilities ages 14 and older across Beaufort County.

An old, dilapidated shack that has stood on Gumtree road for more than 80 years is about to become the focal point of Gullah history on the island.


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