Gifted Keeps on Giving

The island’s most celebrated gift store is just getting started.

It didn’t take long for Gifted Hilton Head to make a statement on the island. In its first year of operation, it won “Favorite New Business” in Monthly’s Readers’ Choice Awards. The next year, it won “Favorite Gift Shop.”

It did so again the next year. And the year after. In fact, in an unprecedented streak in its category, Gifted Hilton Head has taken home the “Favorite Gift Shop” award every year it has been in business.

Step inside, and you’ll quickly see why.

Shelves upon shelves and racks upon racks wind through the store offering a variety of gifts that defy description. Carefully curated by owner Meredith Taylor, the sheer magnitude of what’s available from the rotating selection of gifts is matched only by the creativity behind each selection. At Gifted, it’s not just about finding a gift for any occasion, it’s about finding the gift that they’ll remember.

“All of our merchandise is quality, classy and unique,” Taylor said. “There’s a lot of stuff here you’re not going to find in any other store.”

She shows off a sparkling handcrafted Uno de 50 bracelet.

“We’re the only ones on the island who have this,” Taylor said. Her dedication to finding only the finest, most unique items comes through in the passionate way she discusses each item.

That passion is echoed by the expert staff at Gifted Hilton Head. One visit and you’ll realize that customer service isn’t just a part of the job, it’s a side effect of the genuine enthusiasm and care everyone at Gifted shares for the store’s wares. With thorough product knowledge and the utmost in service, the staff will guide you to the perfect gift with a smile.

And make no mistake: that perfect gift is waiting for you.

Nora Fleming serving platters, each festooned with different interchangeable seasonal figurines, line one table. Swap the small ceramic ornament and your Thanksgiving platter is easily ready for Christmas.

“It’s a space saver and a money saver,” Taylor said. “It’s a really cool concept.”

Another display holds an array of London-based designer Katie Loxton’s “Perfect Pouch,” a gorgeous clutch.

“She’s going to be the next big designer,” Taylor said.

And as she walks the aisles, every piece speaks to her in some way. Locally crafted J. Mills jewelry. Bordeaux Wraps from Simply Noelle. Beatriz Ball metalware. Even something as simple as a display of Sugarfina gourmet gummi bears elicits enthusiasm from Taylor.

“These are addictively good,” she said. “They’re like gummi bears for discerning adults, and they’re a darling little hostess gift.”

Taylor was nice enough to share a sample, and the candy delights the senses with subtle notes of Dom Perignon.

And despite all the staggering variety present at Gifted, you never feel overwhelmed by the selection. The staff at Gifted are expert merchandisers, giving a trip through Gifted the sensation of exploration.

“People constantly tell us they can’t take it all in on one walk-through,” Taylor said.

The odds are good you’ll find something. But perhaps the most surprising thing you’ll find is a sense of reverse sticker shock as you scan the prices. In addition to crafting a collection of the unique and the unexpected, Taylor has skillfully kept her price point affordable.

“We have great hostess gifts at $10, or you can get something gorgeous for $300 if that’s what you want,” she said. “We run the gamut, but above all we keep our prices fair.”

And no matter what the price of your perfect gift, you’ll walk out with that gift ready to give in Gifted’s famed wrap. Each of Taylor’s five employees — two of whom have been there since day one — are skilled in the subtle art of presentation.

“I’ve actually had what I call ‘Bow Boot Camp,’” Taylor said with a laugh.

The end result of all this attention to detail is a place that has continued its streak of wins with another Readers Choice Awards victory.

“We are extremely humbled to earn this honor once again, but more than that we’re thankful,” Taylor said. “Our customers are amazing, and to know we’ve earned their support like this is beyond gratifying. We truly can’t do this without them.”