Hold It!

THE RIGHT BAG has the potential to make you feel invincible. Even on jeans and T-shirt days, handbags are among the most functional, hardworking accessories in our closet. They hold all our day-to-day items, shielding our valuables from inclement weather, damage and theft, and in most cases, they help complete our polished look. Now more than ever, there are so many choices at so many price points and in every fabric and color known to womankind. It's almost overwhelming to decide on the right bag. Here's a guide to some basic styles for fall 2016 that might make your quest for the perfect bag easier. 


This is the essential workhorse handbag. A medium to large top-handle bag that can hold almost everything. Choose a neutral color like black or medium to dark brown. White, taupes and greys are also popular for this season.˜


A neat, tailored daytime clutch is a fantastic option if you can be highly selective on what goes in and what stays out. Smaller pouches are cute but don't hold much more than a lipstick and car key. High on fashion, low on storage.


This bag affords you great freedom of movement while keeping your necessities close, and it looks much more chic than a backpack. A good crossbody bag will have sturdy straps that are adjustable, with a front flap that is easy to maneuver. It shouldn't be too heavy and it should be medium size − go too small and it's not going to be very functional, too big and it can overwhelm you.


Hobo bags are very popular this season. It's a large crescent-shaped shoulder bag or any large bag that hangs from your shoulder and has a main compartment closure − unlike the tote, which is normally an open-top. If this is a bag type you enjoy, try a bucket bag, a roomy bag shaped like bucket with an open top. Feed bags are another option for the open-top style.


A doctor's bag is a duffel-shaped leather satchel˜that is fl at on the bottom with rounded sides and slightly elongated to come together at the top for easy access. This year, you can find this classic style in great colors and prints.



Regardless of what type of bag you pick this year, enjoy all the shapes and styles. They will be offered in classic leathers, iridescent leathers, colored leather and fur, with or without hardware and accents in silver or gold. You will see very clean and you will see very ornate.

So many choices − what's a girl to do? Buy more bags.


Roxanne Madere Gilleland