Cutest Pets Contest 2019

The Lowcountry's most adorable animals are here. More than 2,400 people voted and local judges chose a winner.



Stuart and Brecken Campagna, owners of Southpaw Pet Resort on Hilton Head Island and judges of Monthly’s 2019 Cutest Pet Contest, chose Ellie as their winner because “in her photo she looked completely relaxed and well-behaved,” Stuart said. “You don’t see that much with Labradors — they can be bonkers. She’s a beautiful puppy.”








Cowgirl is a five-month-old Nubian-Saanen cross, which is a breed used mostly for dairy purposes. She lives on Whippoorwill Farm in Jasper County and belongs to Ellie Young. Cowgirl was raised from a bottle from when she was one day old. She likes to go on family outings to the beach, the Hilton Head Farmer's Market at Honey Horn and other destinations.