More Than Just a Pretty Face

Pretty FaceMeet Pretty Girl. It’s easy to see how she got her name, and her story is one of triumph. She was found on the side of a highway, alert, but in clear need of help. She appeared to be deaf and couldn't do much with her back end. Her rescuer contacted Palmetto Animal League for assistance, and it was immediately apparent to the veterinarians at the league’s Community Clinic that Pretty Girl had endured severe trauma to her back and hind quarters.

After examining the X-rays, the PAL vets went to work. A thorough examination determined that Pretty Girl's nerves had been destroyed by the traumatic event that left her in such dire condition. The vets decided that amputating her leg was the best course of action to make her more comfortable and reduce the possibility of infection.

Pretty Girl is now healing with each passing day and has been adopted into a loving family. She is more than just a pretty face. She is deaf, an amputee and, most of all, a survivor. Special needs pets like Pretty Girl are great companion animals. A closer bond is often formed due to more focused care. Special needs pets live long, happy and healthy lives. They never know what they are missing and love life all the same. 

Pretty Girl enjoys spending time with other dogs, cats and kids. She runs, plays and is crate trained. As a bonus, having a dog like this by your side makes you lots of new friends!