How to move a 45-foot live oak

protectorstrees3The biggest tree Lee Edwards ever transplanted with his landscaping business was a Live oak that was 45 fee T tall and 40 fee T wide.

Edwards, president of The Greenery, on Hilton Head Island, said he picked up the tree at the farm of a tree grower in Orangeburg, and trucked it to its new home in the Sea Pines Plantation. The crane that lifted the tree had a built-in scale which showed the tree weighed 47,000 pounds, Edwards reported.

Asked how he managed to transport a tree of that size, Edwards said his crew carefully wrapped the branches to compact the tree to 22 to 23 feet wide. “That’s the widest load allowed on the highway,” he explained, “and that’s the widest it could be to get through the Sea Pines gate.”

That was two years ago.

Edwards said the tree took to its new home near South Beach and has survived as a healthy specimen since being transplanted to Sea Pines.

Asked how it looks today, Edwards replied, “It’s gorgeous!” He was then asked a rude question: How much did this cost? “It was a lot of money,” he tactfully answered.