Hilton Head Lowcountry Adventure


Vacations are all about getting away from home and going on an adventure. You don’t have to go to the extreme and tie thousands of balloons to your house to set off on an adventure like in Disney’s movie “Up,” but adventure does await you in the Lowcountry. No matter how you plan to get here, be ready to step out of your comfort zone and fly to new heights.

Stepping out of the car after a long car trip or walking out of the airport and smelling the salt in the air — that is the smell of adventure. The salt water holds the potential for you to jump in and experience water sports like kiteboarding, jetpack riding, parasailing, jet skiing and more.

Kiteboarding and jet skiing get you on the surface of the water for an up-close view of the wildlife just below the water. With the possibility of seeing anything from a dolphin to a sea turtle, the adventure lies not only within the water but the type of ride you choose.

Should you want to take in the views from the sky, parasailing or jetpacking will do the trick. Whether propelled up by air or water, you will feel the thrill of an adrenaline rush.

However, the adventure does not have to be just on the water. Step out of your swimsuit and put on your shorts to take in the beautiful nature that the Lowcountry has to offer. View it while flying through the trees on a zip line, or soaring through the skies aboard a helicopter or airplane. The adventure is out there for the cautious and those seeking something wild and crazy.

Fly through the live oaks and pines on a zip line while also getting the opportunity to view the water, boats and marshes of the island. At ZipLine Hilton Head — the area’s only one zip line course — you’ll see the best views of the island, with zip lines reaching up to 75 feet.

The nearby Aerial Adventure Hilton Head courses offer fun for the whole family, with activities available for those ages 5 and older, including a skateboard zip line, jumping through hoops, an obstacle course and more.

If 75 feet in the air is not high enough for you, consider trying a helicopter or airplane ride to get a birds-eye view of the full beautiful of the island. Words cannot describe seeing the whole island from above; it will leave you speechless. With many tour options that fit any budget, you can pick the experience you want.

Maybe your idea of adventure involves wheels. And with a designated skateboarding area to challenge any age, Shane Levi Gould, founder of Fuel Clothing, says, “[Hilton Head’s skateboard park] is a great asset to the community.” Kids, teens and adults can skate at a maintained facility for free.

Adventure is all about letting go, stepping out of your comfort zone and experiencing something new and exciting. But don’t worry: Stepping out of your comfort zone does not mean forfeiting safety; with trained instructors and equipment to keep you safe at every adventure, you just worry about having the time of your life.

Whether this is your first time in the Lowcountry or your 20th, there are always new adventures waiting for you to discover.