This island earth


greenintro_0312Green is not just a movement. It’s not just a label. It’s not just a way of life. It’s a way forward.

Illustration by Brian deYoung

Tree hugger. Hippie. Greenie. Granola muncher.
Environmentalists, and indeed anyone who has made protection of our environment a priority in their lives, have been called some not-so-nice things over the years.
But lately, people are calling them something else: Right. They’re calling them right because, this whole time, they’ve been telling us how much good we can do if we just made it a point to look after this planet. They’re right because changing a few simple things in your daily routine can have an enormous impact.
They’re right because, as the people in our profiles prove, the change you want to see in the world starts with you.
Whether it’s Tony Wartko turning the world-famous Sea Pines Resort into a beacon of environmental stewardship, Allen Poulter pioneering the technologies of an eco-friendly tomorrow or the Sustainability Advisory Committee helping the island reclaim its green history, these people are all agents of change. And while we didn’t ask any of them for their thoughts on granola, not a single one of them admitted to Monthly any particular desire to hug a tree.
But they’re definitely fans of the planet trees grown on.