Green ideas

Throughout this eco-geeked-out section you’ll find earth-friendly amazement.


Bring on the rain
What is it? A sculptural fountain that also recycles rainwater, developed by students in the gifted arts program at Hilton Head Island International Baccalaureate Elementary School alongside Sea Green, a group consisting of artist Amos Hummell, Donavon Schmidt and stormwater specialist Larry Cooke.
What does it do? Water collected by the harvester is used to water many of the potted plants around the elementary school. In phase two of the project, the water will flow through an irrigation system to provide water for a new butterfly garden.
Where to see it? At the IB school.


Over a barrel
What is it? One of Old Town Bluffton’s many rain barrels.
What does it do? Collects rainwater from rooftops within the May River watershed. The Town of Bluffton Rain Barrel/Rain Garden Program, which is funded by a S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control Section 319 Grant, is a component of the May River Watershed Action Plan. The $1.2 million grant and town match implement a number of best management practices that will improve water quality in the May River and will reduce stormwater runoff impacting the river.





Wood you believe?
What is it? The hostess stand at the Bluffton Captain Woody’s, made almost entirely out of repurposed materials.
Repurposed? As in saved from rotting in a landfill, so they can find new life. Those doors came from a Philadelphia fire house and the wood on the hostess stand started out as planks from a dock at Palmetto Bay Marina.








clips_thinmint_0312Girl scouts go (mint) green
What is it? A Thin Mint, the iconic cookie of the Girl Scouts.
Yeah, so? Starting last month, Girl Scouts of Eastern South Carolina have pledged to be “Forever Green.” This effort lasts all year long and calls on girls to reduce plastic waste, observe Earth Hour and create sustainable rain gardens.


Shaving our planet
What is it? Packaging for Gilette razors made from moldable pulp.
Seriously? Almost completely biodegradable, this packaging uses a proprietary blend of plants including bamboo, sugar cane and bulrush. And it comes from just up the road at Ridgeland’s Be Green packaging. In addition to what you see here, Be Green makes takeout containers for the food service industry, utility trays, plates and more.

clips_plantcaddy_0312clips_wateringcan_0312Made to recycle
What are they? A watering can made from recycled granola wrappers and a plant caddy made from recycled drink pouches. It’s basically like recycling the rear footwell of a minivan.
Seriously? Yup. The Eco-Terra Watering Can by Plastec is made in the USA from recycled granola bags.  It will be available in select True Value, Ace Hardware and independent garden centers in spring for an approximate retail price of $5.99-$9.99. The Terra Stone Plant Caddy by Plastec is made in the USA from recycled drink pouches and will be available in Target, Wegmans and select True Value, Ace Hardware and independent garden centers in spring.  
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Road to efficiency
What is it? Palmetto Electric’s new Chevy Volt.
What does it do? Other than get 35 miles per gallon? It serves as a reminder of Palmetto Electric’s commitment to providing cleaner energy. Palmetto Electric President and CEO G. Thomas Upshaw called it a “demonstration of our continuing support for ‘green,’ environmentally friendly, energy-efficient technologies.”




Teresa Wade presents five things to do with your copy of Monthly
origami1. Oragami
2. Make garland chains for Christmas tree décor
3. Wrapping paper
4. Use as packaging/filler when shipping
5. Cut out letters and words for messaging/flyers/notes






carolina_yardstick-1What is it?
Carolina Yardstick, a free publication from Clemson Extension’s “Carolina Yards & Neighborhoods” program.

What does it do? 
The Carolina Yardstick Workbook shows you how to create attractive and healthy yards by working with South Carolina’s environment, rather than against it. Sections elaborate on managing wastewater runoff, choosing the right plant for the right spot, using trees to shade your home naturally and reducing the need for water, fertilizer and pesticides.

Where can I get it?
Click here.