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Hilton Head Island and the Lowcountry’s world-class companies, both new & enduring.

Harbour Town BakeryOld Oyster FactOry, Red Fish, Alexander’s
With more than 250 restaurants to choose from, dining out on Hilton Head is as much a part of the island experience as the award-winning golf courses and pristine beaches. While having a high number of restaurants in such a small community leaves locals and tourists never lacking for variety, restaurant owners face one of the most competitive markets in the community. And while Red Fish has yet to celebrate its 10-year anniversary, we are thrilled that our other restaurants, Old Oyster Factory and Alexander’s, have both surpassed that milestone. Although you’ll find more complex recipes in our kitchens, our recipe for longevity is relatively simple – with maintaining our focus, striving to improve and community involvement being at the heart of our organization.

The old adage is true; do what you know. In our case, that means concentrating on providing delicious food, wine and a superb dining experience overall. The menu items or wines may occasionally change but consistency and quality have always been the main goals and are never compromised.

Beyond this, we are constantly scrutinizing our business in order to make improvements. We have a wonderful staff of professionals who receive extensive training and even attend weekly meetings. Maintaining our facilities also remains a top priority. We stay current with both local and industry trends and always appreciate and rely on feedback from our guests.

Finally, active community involvement is the last part of the equation. We have seen the benefits of advertising in local publications, being active in various area organizations and maintaining relationships with other hospitality industry professionals. We’re proud of our history and delighted to have become a tradition for many visitors and residents. Call: Old Oyster Factory, (843) 681-6040; Red Fish, (843) 686-3388; Alexander’s (843) 785-4999.

Plantation Cabinetry
Plantation Cabinetry, a family-owned and operated business, is very proud to have served the Lowcountry for the past 24 years and is looking forward to the future with eager anticipation. Each staff member has the necessary training and outstanding skills to design, price, as well as oversee, the installation of the many products we offer. Our goal has always been, and will continue to be, to do our very best to meet and exceed, in all respects, our valued clients’ expectations. We offer a wide range of products providing a choice, not only in style and finish, but in costs as well, to assist our valued clients in meeting all their needs. Our showroom hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, and at other times by appointment. A cordial invitation is extended to you to visit our showroom at 87 Arrow Road on Hilton Head and enjoy a cup of coffee with us as you review our displays and discuss your needs. We trust that life in the Lowcountry is as enjoyable for you as it is for each of us! (843) 785-4320.

Island Pest Control
Island Pest Control was founded in 1979 on an island then populated by less than 10,000 residents. Since then it has grown to become the largest locally owned and operated pest control company in the area. “We don’t take our success for granted,” said John Kaiser, Island Pest Control’s owner and president. “Everyday we look for ways to do a better job for our customers.”

Case in point is the company’s emphasis on exterior-only pest control. Traditionally, pest control technicians required either a key to a residence or an appointment to gain access a home. Once inside they applied pesticides around baseboards, inside closets, in bathrooms and around other areas where pests resided. As chemicals became more stable in outdoor conditions, Kaiser decided that by creating a barrier of protection around the outside of the house - where the pest actually live and enter the structure - he could eliminate the inconvenience of having a technician in the home. At the same time the exterior-only treatment actually increased the effectiveness of the home’s pest control.

“Believe it or not, without pest control, Hilton Head Island, and the South for that matter, would never have developed as it has,” said Kaiser. “A lot of people credit air conditioning with that honor, but think about it – who would live in a home infested with cockroaches and spiders. Not to mention the damage caused by native, sub-terrain termites.”

Island Pest Control is also one of the area leaders in mosquito protection. Their Mosquito Pro misting system can either be installed on a permanent basis, or rented for temporary applications such as weddings and outdoor parties. And each Island Pest Control technician is a highly trained pro. They first receive three months of on-the-job training. Then, they must pass a state certification test and become licensed, and at the same time enroll in and graduate from Purdue University’s pest control technology program. “We pride ourselves in being the best in everything we do,” said Kaiser. “That’s why we can truly say we’re the quality exterminators.” (843) 757-7378.

Wm. F. Hilton Company
The Wm. F. Hilton Company is a full-service, award-winning professional real estate company serving Hilton Head Island and The Lowcountry. For over 20 years, a knowledgeable staff of professional realtors has provided clients with incomparable service and support for all real estate needs.

Winners of the prestigious Presidents Cup, they have been actively recognized at the local, state and national association level. Customers are working with an organization that best reflects the realtor code. “ We know Hilton Head Island and The Lowcountry…It’s our home…All of our realtor professionals are long-term residents who are actively involved in the community and know the region like only locals can. Over the years our prospects have become our clients, our clients have become our neighbors, and our neighbors have become our friends who have placed their trust in us for all their real estate needs.”

They are committed to customer satisfaction and have pledged their time, talent and resources to ensure a smooth transaction. In addition they provide free staging consultation and service, a free 12-month home warranty for buyers and sellers, and up to $600 for legal paperwork provided the customer uses a recommended Wm. F. Hilton attorney. Simply stated, their job is not complete until the customer is satisfied. Call or visit the Web site and put award-winning professional realtors to work for the customer…the customer will be glad he or she did. (843) 785-4700.

Hilton Head Comedy Club
Full-time comedy featuring nothing but national touring headliners has arrived with the opening of the Hilton Head Comedy Club in Pineland Station. The intimate, candle-lit venue at 430 William Hilton Parkway (behind LeBistro restaurant) opened in early July 2008 and has already staked its claim as a North Island hot spot, drawing enthusiastic crowds of mostly locals with a generous sprinkling of tourists as well. Everyone has responded strongly to the club’s policy of booking only first-rate touring comics who perform on television and headline comedy clubs in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Atlanta and elsewhere. Fresh acts rotate every week at the Hilton Head Comedy Club, which is open Tuesday through Saturday, dark Sunday and Monday.

The new club is the creation of owners John Biddle and Michael Paskevich, experienced comedy aficionados who pulled up stakes in Las Vegas last spring to bring welcome belly-laughs to the Lowcountry. “We fell in love with Hilton Head a couple of years back while on vacation,” said Biddle, “and felt that it would be a great market for live comedy…Each of our performers are different in their approaches, but each is an established headliner who knows their craft and how to have fun with an audience.”

Acts to date include: “America’s Greatest Storyteller” Ron Shock, nationally syndicated radio star Pat Godwin and former SNL and Daily Show regular A. Whitney Brown, an Emmy-Award winning political satirist.

The club features a full bar, select menu and excellent sight-lines for a complete comedy experience. Shows are 8 p.m. Tuesdays through Thursdays; and at 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. Friday to Saturday. Admission is $10 per person on weekdays, $12 on weekends, and there’s never a drink minimum. You must be 18 years or older to attend. Crowds are on the climb so the Hilton Head Comedy Club’s staff recommends that reservations be made in advance by calling (843) 681-7757.

Even though FACES DaySpa has grown up within a young industry, a changing marketplace and a challenging environment, it has flourished – celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and gathering some impressive awards along the way. To date, FACES DaySpa has won over 30 business and industry awards, typically reserved for corporations much larger in size, at the local, statewide, national and international level.

Patricia Owen founded the successful business shortly after vacationing on Hilton Head Island with her husband in 1983. A former Estēe Lauder veteran, Owen secured the local franchise of the prestigious cosmetic line and opened FACES Boutique. Fashions, accessories and gifts complemented the cosmetic line, and Owen followed the Estēe Lauder tradition of impeccable customer service and innovative marketing. FACES’ commitment to retail is a defining feature of its long history, setting it apart from any other area spa. FACES has become a spa lifestyle center where clients are encouraged to take the spa experience home. “ We are committed to offering our clients choices in their home care by providing them the very best products and services available anywhere.”

The newest additions include an Express BeautyBar that offers quick, on-the-go services; a PlayStation with sink for testing bath and body products before buying; and a new internet storefront at the website that allows clients to replenish products online. Also, FACES is very proud to be the first spa in the area to be going green with environmentally friendly products and initiatives and a new skincare line by Eminence Organics.

“Throughout the years, we’ve examined every opportunity from all angles and no matter what, we never give up,” said Owen. “We’ve succeeded because of our ability to constantly innovate, adapt and grow. We take pride in our many accomplishments and measure ourselves against the very best world-class spas.” Call (843) 785-3075.

How to Maintain Longevity during tough Economic Times

Liberty Savings Bank has maintained its longevity since its founding in 1889. Achieving the status of a community bank requires using a customer-focused approach to meet local needs. Liberty attributes its ability to withstand good and bad economic times to providing superior banking products and a commitment to quality customer service.

Liberty Savings Bank’s success is a direct result of the relationships built with its customers. Liberty maintains a qualified workforce to ensure customers receive an exemplary banking experience. Employees are carefully selected and trained to provide the highest standard of customer service.

During these turbulent economic times when failing banks are making headlines, it is critical to have sufficient capital and liquidity to weather the storm. Liberty is well-capitalized and offers full FDIC insurance to depositors. Additionally, Liberty is proud to offer its customer peace of mind with the CDARS (Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service®) product. CDARS is a deposit placement service. Deposits placed through CDARS meet the pass-through insurance coverage guidelines established by the FDIC. With CDARS, Liberty can protect depositors for up to 500 times the standard $100,000 level of FDIC coverage found at most banks. A customer can have deposit insurance protection for up to $50 million and take advantage of the simplicity of one banking relationship. Liberty understands the importance of listening to its customers and designing products and services to meet individual needs. The future continues to look bright with even greater expectations of growth and excellence. Please contact a representative at the nearest Liberty Savings Bank Financial Center for all your banking needs or call 1 (800) 436-6300. Member FDIC.

Betty Melkon
Like a giant lighthouse spotlight, the national media continues to shine a negative light on the real estate market downturn as if it is one single area. They do not take into account that there are many, very different cities, communities, and areas that make up “The Market.” It is clear that the national media isn’t getting it right – not even close when they broad-stroke the entire marketplace with negativity.

Broad strokes are never good when you’re talking about real estate, because real estate is so LOCAL. Location, supply, lifestyle, and did I say location, all have a major impact on how changing market conditions impact the local real estate market.

Buying real estate in the Hilton Head Island area remains a smart move. Is buying a great decision for everyone? To broad-stroke the answer and say “yes” would make me as guilty as the national media. Let me qualify or, in other terms, “localize” my answer. If you can afford to purchase a home without causing your family financial distress, then this is a great time to buy. If you aren’t trying to sell a home in an area where the market really is depressed, then it is an excellent time to buy. If you are looking for a second home or investment property and can afford the cost of owning more than one property, then it is a perfect time to buy.

As long as there is sugar-white sand on the beach, green grass on the golf courses, and water in the ocean, sounds and creeks, Hilton Head will remain a desirable location to vacation or call home. As with any financial decision, consult a professional and make your decision based on facts. Just remember, when dealing with real estate you can’t rely on national statistics, because each community is distinctly different. (843) 298-0688.

Hyperbaric Therapy of the Lowcountry
Hyperbaric Therapy of the Lowcountry opened May 2008 on 94 Main Street, Suite E, on Hilton Head Island and has been providing Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) to patients from all corners of the Lowcountry and from as far away as Atlanta. Patients and their family members have commented on the positive results and benefits HBOT has provided for a wide variety of conditions and diseases.

As founder and clinic manager, Pete Stephens MD, a former ER physician of 35 years, turned his interest toward hyperbaric therapy as a cutting edge medical treatment. Medical director, Joel Johnson, MD, implemented hyperbaric medicine at the Joseph M. Still Burn Center, located in Augusta, Georgia. Dr. Johnson currently practices urgent and primary care on Hilton Head. Up to fourteen patients per day can receive treatment at the clinic using fully computerized, state-of-the-art, mono-place, acrylic hyperbaric chambers.

HBOT itself is not new to the medical scene and was developed in the 1950s to treat deep sea divers who contracted the “bends” during an ocean dive. Over time, doctors observed the positive adjunctive results that patients were experiencing from their hyperbaric treatments. Currently in the US, there are thirteen conditions that are recommended by the FDA. Internationally, hyperbaric therapy has been successfully used over the past two decades to treat a wide variety of problems including autism, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, RSD, peripheral vascular disease, cystitis, prostatitis, and for faster recovery from surgical procedures and sports related injuries. Countless medical studies are currently ongoing throughout the world proving the benefits of hyperbaric therapy.

In difficult economic times, consumers may elect to cut back on non-essential expenditures. However, when it comes to overcoming illness and regaining health - that as they say - is “priceless.” To find out more about Hyperbaric Therapy, please visit: or call (843) 681-3300.