Citizens of the World

Sea Pines Montessori students get global view on going green.

Sea Pines Montessori students get global view on going green.Sea Pines Montessori students get global view on going green.Students at Sea Pines Montessori Academy are learning social responsibility at an early age through a school-wide recycling program. “We recycle everything possible and the children actually participate in collecting the recyclables and placing the items in their proper bins,” said Leighanne Kubec, director of business development. “We use recycled paper, paper towels, toilet tissue, etc. All products in our school are as green as is permitted under state and federal law regarding schools.”

And students are getting a global perspective on going green.

“We were the only school on the Island that participated in the UN sanctioned International Green Consumer Day, which educated the children on the effect and impact their actions have on the environment,” she said. Another initiative highlights making smart choices in products.

“We will be launching our Green Apple boutique in November,” Kubec said. “This campus boutique will carry free-trade, organic and other friendly products. No other school has an Earth-friendly campus store.”

Students are also learning how the food they eat can impact their health.

“We have implemented a Wellness Policy for our school, which sets guidelines for lunches, snacks, and birthday celebrations for our parents,” she said.

“Highly processed, sugar-laden foods and beverages are not permitted and will be sent home. We take our children’s nutritional needs very seriously.”

Sea Pines Montessori Academy is marking its 40th anniversary this year as the first and oldest Montessori school in South Carolina.

“We are not just a pre-school,” Kubec said. “While the school was, at one point, pre-K and kindergarten, it has exploded to be so much more than just those levels.

“We currently have students through the sixth-grade level and we have every intention to continue to middle school and possibly the high school levels,” she said. “Montessori schools are recognized internationally — we are a global family united behind teaching our children to be smart, caring, responsible individuals.”

Expanding students’ horizons is the goal of a slated trip to the Big Apple.

“We don’t just teach about the world from a book while sitting at a desk — we immerse our children in our world and that enables them to truly learn,” Kubec said. “For example, our sixth graders have been invited to New York City to participate in the Model United Nations, to present on behalf of a country while actually speaking from the floor of the UN.

“We love the fact that our children and our school cannot be pigeon holed,” she said.