Cooler temperatures bring great looks. 

Spring in the Lowcountry means the RBC Heritage of golf, time at the beach and making memories with friends. Comfort and style are Lowcountry traditions during the most beautiful season of the year.

Great looks for all the holiday parties, galas, concerts, performances and other events in the Lowcountry.


Bluffton’s Promenade district is the closest thing the Lowcountry has to an urban scene. Nightlife, residential living space above restaurants and a walkable scale have made this area popular with Millennials.

The metro feel made this location appealing to Kim Block when she decided to open a boutique in her new hometown. Her shop, Maluka, looks like a clothing store one might find in the downtown of a large city.

Photography by Celia G Photographie // Hair & Makeup by Hilton Head Hair & Makeup, LLC. // Location Oldfield // Models Alina Porcelli // Andrea Gannon // Ashley Smith // Patti Maurer // Mark Piekarski

Photography by Mark & Lisa Staff // Hair & Makeup by Southern Belle by Maria Noel // Location Beach House - Hilton Head Island Hotel & Resort // Styled by Roxanne Gilleland

Models Hadije Aliu • Abby Rae • Alex Braden • Ned E. Gilleland • Mackenzie Hilton • Ketina Gomez

Growing up in Augusta, Georgia, Ginny Lovelace knew her dad loved history and his extensive coin collection, but she didn’t share those interests.

“He would be reading a book about the Civil War or what we called ‘playing’ with his coins, but I didn’t spend much time with my dad. I was concerned about my next date or something like that. We didn’t have a lot in common when I was growing up,” Lovelace said.