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Definition of a trend: Something that is currently popular or fashionable.

Each year, the fashion industry delights and entices with new trends. The goods news: trends don't last long.  The bad news? Trends don't last long. Sound a little crazy? Well, it is!

Often the word “trend” can be synonymous with “young.”  I prefer the term “updated.” When worn properly, trendy fashions can look good on any age.

There are some unspoken guidelines to wearing “fashion trends.” The most important thing when wearing a trend is timing. You never want to be behind a trend.  If you miss it, forget it. What is cool when current is corny when dated.

You know those past trends that we have hanging in our closets, the ones that you felt simply marvelous and groovy wearing? You probably wouldn’t dare put on some of those favorite pieces next season.

Examples of old trends:

  1. trends2Neon colors like lime green, orange and hot pink.
  2. Giant shoulder pads
  3. Velour jogging suits
  4. Parachute pants

Now, how many of you would pull that special item out and wear it today? 

This year, we are seeing fringe. Lots and lots of fringe. Fringe on tops, skirts, purses, jewelry. Even on shoes. We are seeing tassels adorning belts, shoes and swimwear. This hippie-inspired trend is a way to have serious fun this season.

Then there is the “summer suede.” That's right, suede for summer. The same fabric that has traditionally been seen in fall and winter fashion is now everywhere.

Great leaps have been made in the treatments of suede making it cool, comfortable and some even washable. Suede pieces are being distressed, a process that thins the fabric, making it lighter and more comfortable. Perforation and laser cutting the fabric adds to style and breathability. Suede is one of the most popular fashion trends right now, and it can be worn by any age.

trends3Those young happy 20-somethings can't go wrong with a great suede skirt.

Those in their 30s might invest in a great blue suede shoe for work or play. A woman in her 40s may choose a great pastel suede purse. Soft, pretty, functional and fresh. The fiesty 50s might enjoy a fringe sandal to give her a fresh new look, and after 60, you can wear whatever you want, whenever you want. You have earned it.

Enjoy these great new trends before they become a fashion faux pas.