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What is art? It’s an age-old question and, this month, art is impossible, colorful puzzles, graffiti vehicle wraps, and fashion in the form of brilliantly hilarious handbags inspired by noneother
than the presidential election, and Monthly’s arts issue.

Alex Beard Impossible PuzzlesWith the introduction of Alex Beard Impossible Puzzles, Beard proves that by looking at the jigsaw puzzle with a new perspective, anything is possible. Alex Beard Impossible Puzzles are based on four original works by the artist. However, the final result does not have to be the picture on the box cover. The pieces do not snap into each other, but settle beside one another instead, making the puzzle exponentially more challenging.

And while there is really only one puzzle piece that can combine with its neighbors to create the puzzles as truly intended, the pieces can be combined in infinite ways to create new puzzles and shapes. Learn more at


ARTSY CAR WRAPSMake your car a piece of artwork. RealWraps has lured the interests of legendary rap, hip hop and rock artists who want their vehicles wrapped fast, and now consumers can live like the stars. RealWraps has serviced R.Kelly, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Usher, P. Diddy, LL Cool J, Eminem, Busta Ryhmes, Pink and many others. RealWraps seeks to streamline and standardize installation to address the growing need for installers in the exploding car-wrap industry. See


Ladies, ditch the campaign bumper stickers, and show your support in a more stylish way. Tout a “Michelle,” “Cindy” or “Sarah” handbag. “No matter who wins the next presidential election, one thing’s for sure: Americans will have a fashionable first lady,” said Lissa Kemp Myers, the South Carolina designer who created the bags featured below. Are you an undecided voter? Wear them all! Learn more at


THE “MICHELLE”The “Michelle,” is described as a larger purse for the mother on the go. “With two young girls, Michelle Obama could probably use some extra room in her bag,” said Myers, who added that the “Michelle” can also be used as a chic travel bag for all her “Team Obama” campaign stops.

While the handbag’s exterior is crafted with dark brown leather to suit Obama’s preference for more conservative colors, the purse’s interior is designed to showcase the Democrat’s passionate side. “I gave her purse a red hot liner, so she can channel her inner patriot,” said Myers.


According to Myers, the “Cindy,” showcases the feminine, yet fashion-forward sensibility of Cindy McCain. A medium-sized bag cast in a nude pearlized leather, the “Cindy” also features an understated ivory liner to offset the trendy exterior.

“Her style strikes me as classic and ladylike, but she’s also shown an edgy, youthful side and a willingness to stand out,” said Myers.


THE “SARAH”The “Sarah” bag, is a medium-sized bag in a metallic, earthy-green leather that Myers chose to suit Sarah Palin’s love of the outdoors. Inside, she selected a hot pink satin liner to show off her fun side. “And, of course,” said Myers, “we had to add two side pockets to hold those adorable eye glasses she sports, as well as that very important lipstick she can’t be without!”