Hardeeville Mayor Harry Williams

Harry Williams has been mayor of the City of Hardeeville since 2016. He is chairman of the Southern Low Country advisory board. He answers questions from Monthly about new city projects and preserving Hardeeville’s history. The responses have been edited for length and clarity.

  1. What major project in Hardeeville are you most excited about and why? I believe the future economic health of the Lowcountry lies in the development of light industry in the Hwy. 17 corridor south of exit 5 (off I-95). Over 13 million square feet of warehousing have been approved by Council, and four buildings are already up. Good-paying jobs are coming to this region and that will raise the quality of life for many families and provide solid funding for our schools. 

  2. Hardeeville is embarking on a “Wall of Honor.” What can you tell us about that initiative? Preserving the long history of Hardeeville, and the people who made significant contributions, is important to our Council. There are so many worthy people to remember but to make the wall special we are establishing an application and evaluation process that will qualify those for membership on this wall in our Recreation Center.

  3. The City of Hardeeville recently mourned the loss of Councilman David Spisso. What was his impact on the community? David’s impact was so pervasive that his loss has left a noticeable gap in our lives. He was always there at events, serving on committees like SoLoCo and Families in Transition, and of course was a vocal participant in every issue. He was a team player, a wise counselor and a good friend. 

  4. Congaree Golf Club has brought major golf tournaments to Jasper County. How much of an impact do major events have on the area? The recognition is invaluable. National media brings Jasper County into millions of homes and that potentially gets the attention of potential investors. The local economic benefit for hotels, restaurants and gas stations is significant. And first-time visitors who get a little taste of the area may come back for a longer stay.

  5. What is your ideal weekend of relaxation in Hardeeville? The great part of this region is the variety of leisure activities. Golf, the beach, nature walks, bike riding, terrific restaurants and boating. There’s also the historic cities of Charleston and Savannah if we want to get away without a long drive. No two weekends have to be exactly alike, except they all are fun.